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Yeah this is npr news eighteen minutes now after the hour five good morning i'm ed or more thank you for joining us from morning edition coming up later this morning on kqed science california's mountains lakes and rivers all saw record levels of rain and snow last winter and while some of that has been percolating underground the state still has a long way to go oh before groundwater supplies or back to pre drought levels haiki weedy science will explore our water supply deep beneath the surface coming up at six twenty three and again at 823 this morning here on kqed and then later this is michael krasny here's what's coming up later today on forum in our opening our republican senator from the brass ben sas will join us the talk about his new book about raising selfreliant kids and in our second hour you see hastings legal scholar john williams discusses her new book white working class overcoming class clueless nece in america join us reform nine to eleven here on kqed public radio cloudy this morning it will become partly cloudy and breezy later today with highs from the mid to upper 60s it's now nineteen minutes past five from npr news.

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