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The transamerica center for retirement studies catherine collins from the center says women are generally slower to save for retirement many women just aren't confident about their future retirement and we also found that there are a lot of things so women can be doing to prove their retirement outlook that they're not doing yet reasons for the disparity the wage gap women are more likely to work part time without benefits and more women take time off for parenting the un secretary general in singapore's foreign minister voice icing concerns about global trade tensions during back to back meetings in beijing this morning china and singapore doubled down on free trade and economic liberalization calling for improved globalization and not less globalization the comments come as china and the us exchange escalating tariff threats in what is already shaping up to be the biggest trade battle in more than a half century a father in tennessee accused of killing his five year old son before reporting missing wednesday the child was autistic and non verbal police and volunteers had been searching for little joke clyde daniels and the woods of central tennessee reporter matthew torres reports from there investigators saint joseph daniels confessed to killing his son although where the bodies fitted remains a mystery the news has been tough for the community that poor baby he couldn't even cry for help step stating it hurts amanda rod even more or young son also has autism five this could be my baby joseph daniels reported his son missing early wednesday morning but police say the murder happened sometime that morning or the night before so far he's the only one charged as the investigation and the effort to find more evidence the child's remains continue the father is being held on a one million dollar bond facebook is suspended aggregate iq canadian political consulting firm after determining it had ties to cambridge analytica the data mining company accused of secretly using.

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