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This is most your radio from iraq's i'm your host christopher kim dan dan is when the workers in the field would get fed by somebody who would come through with the long poll with two buckets one on either end of the poll and the noodles are in one bucket and then the sauces and the other and the key to successful dente needles is to make sure that the sauce is super super flavor full because otherwise he did too much sauce join chang is owner of the bostonbased bakery cafe flowers wells cofounder of the restaurant myers chang with her husband christopher myers she uses her degree in applied mathematics in her left food to make money and also to make her customers happy but before we get to my conversation with joann i'm speaking with bradley owning please the kitchen manager opponent t also hosted the web series it's alive with brad which is all about fermentation so let's just start with the obvious question which is what is firm affirmative action is where you taken a vegetable and you're either adding some water to it or some salter some spices but essentially what you're doing and this is something that's been happening for as long as people have been cooking food to my knowledge is it used to just be a method of preservation before refrigeration by your essentially controlling the rot of vegetables and our bodies are geared to wear that actually as beneficial to us so our pickle vegetables for meant it or is that is pickling different than from anticipation yeah.

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