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8 Get a $49 fall furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike And we've got your traffic and weather on the 8s Let's head over to rob stallworth in the WTO traffic center Thanks Cena traveling around the capitol beltway looking pretty good in Virginia for now but in Maryland the issue out of loop near route one college park right side in the off ram block on the auto loop near route one college park Northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway at the beltway may be the ramp to the antelope That right side and that off ramp is blocked for the crash there involving one overturned vehicle Eastbound route 50 leaving the 7 river bridge headed toward the bay bridge about a 6 mile back up toward the eastbound span when restrictions are in effect at this point and that's causing the two way operations right now to not be in place on the eastbound span of the bay bridge so you only have two lanes east and three lanes open in the westbound direction I 95 is clear at northbound two 70 The ramp to montrose road the local lanes we believe that crash completely gone but your problems continue as you head toward one 21 Bunch of people bunching up in that right lane to get off of the exit to go to the clarksburg outlets and some people are even being cut off in the process to watch out and use your head northbound two 70 as you head toward the clarksburg outlets No problems in Virginia on the beltway again looking pretty good for now Unless you're headed toward Tyson both interloop and Adele through Tyson's delays there expected as you head toward the mall other than that if you're traveling 66 you're a good ride southbound I 95 delays across the aqua Khan down to one 23 then again in separate stretches leaving chronicle headed toward garrisonville and beyond toward the rappahannock river travel lanes are indeed open north on I 95 slow to speed and separate stretches leaving of course garrisonville headed toward the Springfield interchange with travel lanes open northbound I three 95 looks good for now as you head up to and across the 14th street bridge you're traveling or indeed open there and running pretty good as you continue into the district on the eastbound and westbound southeast southwest freeway It's a wonderful life after a day out in Georgetown come enjoy the magic of one of the city's most festive neighborhoods plan your visit at unexpected Georgetown dot com I'm rob stole worth WTO P traffic Thanks so much Robin hears storm team force Klan Orson For the remainder of today the winds will be gusting hold on to the packages winds gusting in excess of 30 mph.

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