United States, Afghanistan, Taliban discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


Lisa Jaffe field of democratic candidates running for president is growing, California. Congressman Eric while well announced his candidacy during a taping of delayed show with Stephen Colbert that will air tonight. There are more than a dozen Democrats running for the party's nomination and President Trump is firing the head of the secret service. The secret service is part of the department of homeland security and the secretary Kirsten Nielsen announced her resignation yesterday that Joe prosecutors in Maryland charged today, they say wanted to conduct a truck attack at national harbor ABC's. Aaron Katersky has more the feds called this very troubling case, they said run down the Henry took inspiration from ISIS had stolen a u haul van and intended to drive it into a crowd. One Justice department official told us we are very lucky the alleged plot did not succeed court records said Henry considered attacking Dulles airport. But. When he arrived one morning last month at five AM, the airport lack the large number of unloading pedestrians define he targeted national harbor court. Records said to create panic and chaos. Prosecutors quoted him saying I was just going to keep driving and driving and driving. I wasn't going to stop Aaron Katersky. ABC news a deadly attack on US forces in Afghanistan. ABC's Louis Martinez reports from the Pentagon the military's confirming that three US servicemembers and American contractor were killed in an attack on a convoy outside of the bottom airbase is the largest US military base in Afghanistan. We understand that three other US service members were also injured in this attack. This was a car bomb that exploded as a convoy was passing by this is the deadliest incident against US military forces in Afghanistan this year, this is the fifth sixth and seventh Americans to be killed in combat there. Now, what we know is that the attacks being cleaned by the responsibility for any taxes being cleaned by the Taliban, not a surprise there. But remember. There are US talks underway with with the Taliban right now, not to try to come to a peaceful resolution to this decades-long more now in Afghanistan, and though there may be progress on the negotiating table attacks. Like, this one are reminders that it is still a very deadly situation in Afghanistan, and the Taliban is going to continue with its attacks. Even though they're heading peace talks with the US ABC's, Louis Martinez. Federal investigators are helping in the investigation into fires. That burned down three predominantly black churches in Louisiana state Landry parish over ten days. Stay fire marshal Louisiana's.

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