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Everyone knows the socks without X are so, so, really, they'd just be so, but still, excellent line, and according to our palette success for this family barbecue, this was a Boris special. He came up with this line on his own because Stephanie Epstein dropped a piece for Sports Illustrated about the creation process for Boris's material, which of course we talked to him about on episode 1903, but Stephanie went long on that as well. I will link to her piece on the show page. Boris also had a nautical analogy, or at least a water based one, he compared free agency to various bodies of water, infinity pools, lazy rivers, inflatable pools, the Yankees are in the infinity pool and they're certainly no shallow Hal in New York, very topical timely reference there. He also had one that I read out of context if there was context and I have not endeavored to discover what the context was, and I don't care. I don't want to know. So it's tweeted by our friend Fabian ardaya. I think the artful Dodger came to San Diego in a submarine. They run silent and they run deep, but I don't think there's anything about the Dodgers that's unusual in their quest to win and to be competitive and seek the best players. I suppose that is somewhat self explanatory if you read it many times. We were just talking about the Dodgers and what if anything they're going to do, that's what he's saying there, except he's using a nautical analogy as usual. The Dodgers came to San Diego in a submarine sure, and then John haman blew up our best of baseball Twitter draft by tweeting arson judge appears headed to giants. Not only an all time typo, but an incorrect report, or at least a premature one, he then deleted arson judge appears headed to giants, tweeted Aaron judge appears headed to giants, and then tweeted giant say they have not heard on Aaron judge my apologies for jumping the gun. Just quite a comedy of errors there, which really led to it an all time afternoon on Twitter. And that wasn't even the biggest Aaron judge news or non news because our friend Bradford William Davis of insider dropped potentially a bombshell report produced in concert with another former guest of effectively wild Meredith wills about the baseball or should I say baseballs, we have had both of them on the show to talk about their previous insider report about how there were multiple baseball models in use last season as in 2021. Now they are alleging that they were in fact three different baseball models in use during the 2022 season, and that's just the tip of the iceberg because they're also some implications in the article that MLB may have been using the new so called Goldilocks ball as they put it, not juiced, not dead, but somewhere in the middle, in some of its jewel events like the All-Star Game, but also in the postseason and in some Yankees, regular season games, according to their findings, which would of course contribute to conspiracy theories about arson slash Aaron judge. There were also some other pretty sensational claims in the piece about MLB threatening people who were interested in sending baseballs to Meredith for testing and I'll be strenuously denied all of this just a lot in that article to discuss and we will discuss it on an episode that I have no doubt we will record sometime soon. And by then, there may be actual news about arson or Aaron judge. Just really a lot happening here. There was also a report that MLB will be experimenting with adding a remote that pitchers can attach to their belts to call pitches back to the catchers, so pitchers calling their own pitches instead of catchers calling the pitches, which is something that occasionally pitchers have dabbled in, Greg Maddux, Zach cranky, and we actually talked about this back on episode 1577, whether pitchers should call their own pitches, maybe we will reprise that discussion sometime soon. I think we've touched on it at other times too. And I gotta give you an update on the free agent contract over under draft because we've had some movement and so far Meg and I are doing great here. So I took the over on Tyler Anderson at 19.65 million, the qualifying offer amount he ended up signing for 39 million, so that was correct. I also took the under on Josh bell at a predicted 64 million, according to MLB train rumors. He actually signed for two years and 33 million. I took the under on Carlos estevez at $21 million. He ended up signing for 14. All correct so far, but so is big, who took the under unjust and Verlander at one 20, so that's quite an edge for her. She also took the under on Andrew heaney at 42, which was wise, he got a two year $25 million deal plus incentives, and of course she took the over on Zac eflin at 22 million, so that worked out for her too. So we're calling all the contracts correctly thus far. I forgot to say, by the way, Cody Bellinger also signed with the cubs. One year 17.5 million, which is slightly less than he was in line to make via arbitration. Just so, so much happening. And just a few minor notes here, one I speculated in the outro of our last episode about the reds and the as and why they drew well on the road, according to one of our listeners who analyzed which teams did best in Rhode attendance, adjusting for the home attendance of their opponents. It was the Yankees and the Dodgers had to expect, but then teams like the reds and the a's also did well, which was kind of confounding. And I gave some potential reasons there, but as some of you have written into point out, this also could be a product of variable pricing, right? So when you have undesirable draws coming to town, then teams may slash ticket prices. Therefore, people will be more likely to go, so that could be a part of it. It could also be that teams arrange giveaways for those days, right? You got to get people to the park somehow. So that's a possibility too. So essentially it's artificially inflated because maybe teams know which are the least attractive opponents and thus they do what they can to juice the numbers. Also, we talked recently about the fact that MLS and the NHL, they have awards that they give out to teams for the best regular season record, we suggest that something like that might make sense for MLB, even though probably most people wouldn't care about it, at least initially. Well, it turns out that the NBA has just decided to introduce such an award, the Maurice Padilla trophy named after the first commissioner of the NBA whose name I may or may not have pronounced correctly awarded to the team with the best record in the league after 82 games, I think MLB should get on this train, even if no one cares, even if people just make fun of teams that win it without having postseason success. If the NBA is doing it, MLB definitely should, because the NBA doesn't have such a problem with postseason randomness, though I suppose it does have a problem with tanking, but I don't know if anyone will stop tanking so that they can win this trophy. Also, thanks to everyone who is recommended disc golf as a possible recreational sport for me, but I gotta say I live in a disc golf desert apparently. I have checked and there's no good disc golf in New York City. I'd have to go way outside the city. So thanks for the recommendation, but I don't think I can take you up on it now. And finally, I was informed by rob Edmond on Twitter that the announcer Joe Micheletti during a recent New York rangers game called Tyler Matt Taylor Mott,

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