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Could use to feel that we could do you right down to no talk to what is a body feeling pretty good I was going to say you know what we do get sixty steal your body I'm looking forward to it for I hear it's better than the alternative there's only two younger players than you in the pro football hall of fame trip and read just a couple much younger than you L. T. the year young right that's what he wanted pretty sweet well you know you get into your first year you probably gonna be one of the youngest no doubt I want to ask you for let you go for fans back in different listening to us what what keeps you busy nowadays what do you what you got going well a little like you Dave trying to do a little business internet you know what thing I realize you know since I left the game is you know athletes we don't really understand the value we have no after gets and understand that learning more about business I'm able to put myself in position to monetize the net value in it you know it's not like you're taking advantage of anything like okay this is what we're worth you need to know it and and utilize and really trying to educate other got to do the same you know yes I think they need somebody for something you really the one is opening doors creating things at least understand them the walking for that you know how many family members here for this induction on Saturday roughly forty eight that's just family friends and I would say we probably total over ninety does it out and I left a lot of people out you know it's I hated to do it but I couldn't invite everybody was when I know I know your time is valuable here we appreciate it always good thank you ever Prodi yes Sir yes Sir graduation rate.

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