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Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater is at the editor's desk. 'cause we take a look at some of the day's top stories. The Senate is going to hold a hearing on the safety of the Boeing seven thirty-seven max following two crashes in a matter of months, the Senate subcommittee on aviation space will hear testimony next Wednesday from the heads of the NTSB NFA as well as the inspector general of the department of transportation. Washington woman has filed a four point six million dollar lawsuit against a hospital in a story. Oh, Oregon contending the hospital failed to perform an MRI before she had a stroke that left her severely disabled. There have been signs that special counsel. Robert Muller's team may be wrapping up the Russia investigation ABC's Pierre Thomas reports the special counsel grand jury here in Washington as far as we can tell his dorm, and we haven't seen the steady state a witnesses coming in and out for weeks. We're also. Aware that Muller's team of prosecutors is shrinking a key FBI official on mother's team recently announced his plan departure and Andrew Weisman. One of the lead. Prosecutors is leaving soon to become a professor and in another clue that the special counsel's office focusing all efforts on their final report. We're learning Muller's team has requested more time to respond to a court request to unseal records and Paul manafort's case. And that filing. Prosecutors mothers team said they were requesting a delay. Because of quote, the press of other work, it seems safe to assume that other work is mother's final report. Prosecutors in the southern district of New York still appear to be very active received a trove of documents released yesterday and connected with Michael Collins case with nearly nineteen pages of redacted all dealing with what prosecutors entitled the illegal campaign contribution scheme. That was struck by the use of the word scheme, which usually indicates motorable people being involved scheme, quote involving hush money payments. Were Cohen implicated the president as directing his crimes it looks. Like anyone involved with that quote skiing? May still be in the crosshairs, that's ABC's Pierre. Thomas President Trump taking aim at the husband of senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway again in a tweet this morning. Trump said he barely knows George Conway. But he's a quote stone cold loser and husband from hell and quote, more from ABC's. Terry moran. Kellyanne Conway, one of President Trump's most trusted and visible aids is now caught in the center of an increasingly public and bitter feud between her boss and her husband the president on Tuesday. Brandon George Conway total loser. After the longtime conservative lawyer repeatedly publicly questioned the president's mental fitness Conway replied, tweeting, congratulations. You just guaranteed that millions of more people are going to learn about narcissistic, personality disorder and malignant. Narcissism George Conway's rise is one of the most vocal critics of the president is a striking contrast from his wife's frequent TV appearances defending Trump, thanking President Trump. Here's how Kellyanne Conway..

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