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The little girl this was new information that further shocked the public in the poor family had to hear this information in person at the trial stephen hayes joshua had admitted to assaulting the girl orally but not this the jury also learned that the police had found pornographic pictures on joshua cell phone that were presumably taking taken by joshua during the time that he was assaulting the little girl the pictures showed michaela naked in tied to her bed in the showed joshua's jenna taily as well and the the pictures in this happen when stephen left get the gas round seven o'clock there was more than one assault um you know regarded however you look at stephen hayes a story also presented at this trial word the journal's of of joshua in which he referred to his breaking into homes as extreme sport in his diary he chose to call bill pettitte a coward and claimed that bill could have stopped the murders had he wanted to he said that jennifer the mother and wife was brave in the haley the oldest daughter was a fighter and again he said bill was a coward the man he had beaten over the head multiple times with a baseball bat i mean this is ridiculous that he would prefer refer to mr painted as a as a as a coward i mean we have stephen hayes stephen hayes says in his confession he says that josh hit mr petty in the front and back of the head with the bat as hard as he could.

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