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I would lean to him being a too but only for that reason you know like he he can be your franchise centerpiece. Isn't it funny. Just a few years ago. People were shocked that you cake line and walked past a finnish player and yes he. Rv to take the dubois and we've seen in short order now. Cake line was was pretty bang on so when all these rumors are coming around. Drake's if i'm calling. I know that i'm not giving the will. I be prospect in a couple of extra pairs of shoes. Like this is a costly deal. He's got two years just signed on his contract plus when he's out of that contract he's still in your team's control right. He's not at unrestricted free agency yet. So this is a costly deal for whatever team is acquiring but if it's winnipeg it's lying back the other way however they can figure that if it's if it's montreal as it kotkin hammy coming back with you know maybe one of your better prospects like guli or dot right. But i mean that's that's a big cost the right. If it's calgary you're starting with sean monahan like that's not even a it's not even a discussion like the guy you're getting back isn't four years from being a good player already a top end. Nhl player. i'm getting that back. And if you don't wanna give me that back i can't make the deal and therein really lies the danger for not danger. The the trouble for dubois is you can ask for the trade. And then his agent will say oh. They're asking too much. The line is going to say. I'm not getting offered enough. And the answer is probably. He's not getting offered enough right. Because you've got a rip the heart of your team out of your forwards that's the heart of their forwards right and you have to replace the you. General manager need to have permission to speak with the asian papper saw to make sure that this isn was season and a half and he's gone or less he's not going to stay right Because that's the reality admits. Yeah but the problem with that. So i can ask and pepper song and do block and say yeah. I'm going to stay. The can't even signed him to an extension. No not until summer correct correct. Yeah so you would have to be working in the desk drawer there to to get an extension done. That's gonna come in fact be july i. I don't know what whatever that day is going to be right when it's eligible but that would be the way that would be the only way i could strip my roster of assets to make this deal and some managers will do that. I won't give permission. I understand that. So oh and i. And i get it to get it to. You're like wait a minute. What if i give you permission. You can't get a deal done now. I've got a player. That's now three quarters of the whale. The door he's already in his head fought. I'm outta here. Yeah always not..

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