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Four seven access to licensed agents good to have you here at eight thirty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia traffic continues to run well three ninety five south bound on the Virginia side do have road work tonight getting past you extreme single file to write it is slow getting past the work zone beyond that ninety five runs well Springfield Fredericksburg on sixty six all is quiet inbound on sixty six over the Roosevelt bridge it is road work tonight you cannot get on to constitution Avenue from the inbound Roosevelt bridge and overcoming outbound on constitution you can't get on to the Roosevelt bridge as well you will be able to do that as you're coming north on Ohio drive and the Potomac freeway will be able to get on the Roosevelt bridge they're they're working on the eastern expressway again tonight with the paving operation that's been going on there canal road that remains closed in both directions between Foxhall road and reservoir road bit by a downed utility pole and work on the C. two ninety five tree is gone lanes are now open everything runs well they're on it South Dakota Avenue near Sargent road closed both ways with a water main break tonight traffic continues to run well on ninety five in the Baltimore Washington parkway despite the works hold on ninety five the pieces are not as slow as it was earlier now that the volume has lightened but between one ninety five and one hundred both ways there was road work tonight and you could buy two lanes to the left and then laurel the ramp from westbound one ninety eight to southbound ninety five was closed by a crash involving an overturned vehicle north on route four that's still close south to fifty eight a Talbot road with utility work cell phone reports open fifty out of bay ridge runs without the light bulb is lit up with the traffic will have lows tonight falling into the mid forties to low fifties with mostly cloudy skies and breezy winds plenty of clouds again tomorrow there is the chance for some hazy.

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