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Let's get into the quiz. Is this week. And we're joined on the line by a pinch. Quiz are here for Kirsten McKenna's or Kirsten McGinnis as some say and we ear very excited to somebody with GM people are mad about it. Yeah but not so. We've introduced anything thing we want to. We don't want to lose great gasp. Because they don't WanNa take the quiz so we've added the option to like the National League that if you don't wife life or the the American League Jordan if people don't WanNa take the quiz we're gonNA bring in a pinch quiz and here to help us out with the quiz. He he is a man who is a self proclaimed Trivia Whiz. He cannot be something when it comes to survivor. Tribe names here. He is his new patron. Andy Andy how are you alot hello. I'm super excited. The pinch idea is a super good one and I'm excited to up. I one pioneer. Yes Kirsten Andy. Also he is a big survivor fan and got into big brother recently because of the podcast and is currently now. He watched all of big brother. twenty-one without any past big brother knowledge now has has gone back and started binging big brother one mistake. Mr Tried doing that a few years ago. And I think I watched like fifty episodes and then I realized Kirsten what are you doing. This is bringing you know joy. There is no reason for this. Turn it off and turning it off was the best decision I ever made so I highly recommend. Just turn up brother wonderful. Anyone actually finished sixty episodes in to finish just to tell you guys what happens. Go Gosh we're going to talk about it. How many how many episodes do you have? You been through. So it's been about fifty fifty eight. I'm actually superjet legged right now. I just got back from a week long trip to Manila so I really been watching. But I'm definitely going to finish Japan. Commend what I see. Yeah I've made this. I made a post on the facebook group. Showing that will mega quote. That was Reminiscent of Jackson Nikki. Yes I'd rather die on IRA feed. I always have trouble with but yeah Some crazy stuff. GOING ON BBC one's crazy all right enjoyed the first season stink just the right time to watch it. Actually like you feel like you might find some enjoyment there but again just turn it off start season two okay so this is the way that the pinch quiz earlier is going to work. Okay Hey that Kirsten will still pick the categories and then we know consulting allowed. You'll have to just pick what you think Andy will. We'll be best at and then Andy will give his recommendation for the answer. But that you have the final say Kirsten and so when Andy Destroys he'll do I count as part of the winning teams like name on the scoreboard with Andrews. Okay I'll make a Beyond Pearson's team. The way that I look at this is that I'm like Bron. From game of thrones. I'm a mercenary since not in her trial by combat. But I am I'm selected. Yes fans your route for me to win this cow. This is incredible Andrew. Have a question for you are were are you born. Last night. I was born at night the not last night attack. Baby podcast maybe four non babies. It's amazing altogether okay. All right and what are the categories this week okay so the categories that we have for this week's quiz. We have have subaquatic survivors immunity a- signers Jack's Sunday and not so hidden immunity idols. Okay Kirsten what category would you like like to have. Andy answer a question for you. I watched a genius. I know someday okay and you know the rules. Also yes I do but but I don't need to hear it. We don't have that kind of time tonight. Time for the Roessler. Everyone knows the rules. If you're and you'll figure the rules out if you don't know them okay. Perfect well I also watch the genius. I will go with Jackson Bei Jack Sunday okay so we are going to go to survivor. Cook Islands Una last episode of survivor island of the idols. Jack Nick thing join the exclusive club of pre mergers who made the jury who became the first jury member of Cook Islands becoming an early member of this club Slam Dunk. I know this the Oh can I say I give you into recommendation. Say if you don't WanNa hear the choices okay. I know it is Brad. Okay so Kirsten. Are you going to go with with Anders Answer. Yeah I trust arrest Andrew. It's brand it's Brad Brad. VIRATA is correct originally. When I was writing that last question in my head I thought maybe he was the first person in this club? It's good I did by research because it was actually Erin from Thailand who made the fake merged but not the real merge so yeah Brad Brad. VIRATA was the second member of this club of people who did not make the merge. What made the jury and Andrew Kirsten you get two points? Good start outfield. So good yes rob. You have subaquatic survivors immunity Aditya signers and not so hidden immunity. Idols seems like it was going for like a rhyming thing and then gave up after two grace potentially okay. I like when you're asking your own hypothetical questions. Okay I will go with. What was the last one about the idol not not so hidden idols? Sure so we're going to go to survivor Philippines. In what Jeff probst called at the time most complicated entertaining tribal council ever are which two players pulled out idols revealing them before the votes were even cast. Okay there's some confusion about a question from last week where I have. How many answers were there? This is specified. There are two answers to this question. You need to get both of them. Okay Could I hear the choices. Yes we have a Abby Maria and Malcolm Be Abby Maria and tanner. CRC and Malcolm DRC and Penner her. And you're going for one point now because you've heard the answers. Okay yes thank you. Can you say the choices one more time. Yup Abby Maria Welcome Abby Maria Korea and Penner. RCN Malcolm are seen Penner. Okay I'm going to say was a abby and and Malcolm Abby Malcolm is correct. Penner played his idol at the previous trial so he didn't have one left at this point. So this is correct. You a tribal council on where Jeff Kent was voted out and rob. You've got a point so it's two one pistol and you if you were on fire. That's when I take your thoughts on the roads right now. He he said Live no one else knew a live event in that I miss because I was in California Korea. Okay so I mean actually he probably. I think it's a very odd thing to for anybody to do. It's actually not what you should do. Someone if you're a sadist. Maybe whatever happened to baby. Yeah Okay Kristin you have to do categories. He's left you get to choose for Andrew. We have subaquatic survivors and we have immunity a- signers while go for either okay Let's go with Immunity signers okay. So we're going to go to survivor Pearl Islands after winning the first individual immunity challenge. Who did Burton give the necklace to tribal council being that he was already immune during due to returning as an outcast? Can we talk this out. You can talk it out for a roofing for the the pinch quizzes. If it can kirsten choose to still go for one if they talk it out. How variety yeah okay? So yeah. Talk it out. And if Kirsten wants to hear the multiple choice options when it's time to answer she definitely yeah. See The problem with my memories. I haven't seen it written down. I'm not going to remember it. I didn't want to do the you'll remember is that the immunity necklace was a sword that season so I have a visual memory of passing it but so this is the merge he I remember him having immunity for being an outcast and then he would give it. Does someone else do. We need the choices. Yeah Yeah let's give us a names okay. So we have a johnny fairplay. Be Rupert. See Sandra Dee Akiva winokur. The joke answers are hilarious. I wonder if he's been one. He's the joke answer. He doesn't listen I did I. Did you tell him that he was going to an audience of one for that and you pick the wrong person so he worked with fairplay. I would just go maybe with that. Not how like. How confident are you a not a I'm a solid three ten thirty percent. What kind of inquisitor as got Brad Giradi? Yeah yeah that's true for more than thirty percent. There's only three real answers so you should definitely be more than thirty. I three point three percent. You the unless you're thinking wait was a key on that season. I don't want an. He's up famous survivor. I definitely okay so it was. It was Rupert Sandra or fair-play. Let's go with fairplay or Akiva Curson. Do you want to go with fairplay or you're going to go with someone else. Yeah I I'll follow injure anywhere and we'll we'll go play Elliott Okay so you follow Andrew on the last question you were right. You followed him on this one. Unfortunately oh you were incorrect. It was rupert was actually came in second place to Burton that challenge and a burn gave it to rupert. So you don't get any points there and it is Rob Turner Rob if you get two points on this on this answer. You're going to go into the final round with a lead out. We're going to subaquatic survivors. We're going to survivor Thailand. The last immunity challenge before the real merge of survivor. Thailand was a competition to see who could last the longest underwater while breathing through a bamboo. Snorkel which player lasted the longest underwater winning the challenge for their tribe who lasted the longest one more time. Sure the last immunity challenge before the real merge of survivor. Thailand was a competition to see who could last the longest underwater while breathing through a bamboo snorkel. Which player lasted the longest underwater winning winning the challenge for their tribe? Let me hear the choices sure Was it a helen. B Brian See Clay d big Ted. I'm torn between Helen and in a Brian. I know that Helen is a dive instructor. And I know she has experienced in the water or so say it was Helen. Hellen would've probably very good choice. They're based on on her profession. Unfortunately it was Brian who I was the one one who lasted the longest so professional dive. Master I guess. You don't really have to stay underwater that long. You just get to come up whenever you're ready. So it is. It is two to one So Andrew Kirsten had a lead going into the final round so Andrew. When I when I met you at a at the latest survivor know it alls we talked a lot about about different survivor history? We gave me some very good information on booed orders. And you're correct on everything checked and you seem to be a very very good with a lot of the pre merge tribe names which are the ones that I think that are probably easier to remember and it's still not easy to remember. There's been a lot of tribes in survivor history. But some of these posts named try these. These merge tribe names are not really spoken about too much on the season. I think they're a little bit harder to remember. So I am going to be quizzing. You guys on some of those today so I have. You're GonNa give me a actually rob is GonNa give me a number from one through seven to decide the order after I am going to give you the merged tribe name. You have to tell me the season we're going to go through four of these. If we have a tie after four we will go to a tiebreaker. which will just whiskey? It'll continue the game and if one of you get a question wrong on this the other person gets to. It means that I introduced new patron Andy that the that his his talent is that he knows all of the tribe names and you literally made the survivor Trivia the bonus round of job guest the tribe names Pat. I'm glad that he was the guest like so in the whole week that he was the guest. I mean look. We've done this game before. Okay all right all right. I'm calling it W I mean it's you're lying now. I'll be really disappointed. Okay all right rob you you have to. You have to also Kirsten's wildcard here personally disagree so and this I disagree. Honor of the jets. Getting their second can win. I'll go to number two okay number two and these are just just with both of you there. These are going to be all odd number. Seasons is history and that's how it works. Okay number two arrive. You get the NECA I'm giving you the season that was. Because they're all in Fiji so I'll say it was.

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