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Meeting representatives from alba's waterworks andraos in water system spoke annemarie prize he's also spoke up during monday's meeting her son was also diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015 her family used to live in river down i'm really bad he had guideline acting only three air i'm hoping neko above and beyond my d had to do the wilken doug water tests and a concern neighborhoods beginning today and alba's low's waterworks will hold another public meeting once the results return a james island organization bed last night to bring the community together in an effort to prevent putting a new bus lauda the site of a historic school which also kelly school board voted last month the blood allotted grezan mega school long grumble road it was the version is school build ravaging americans on james island and is no longer open the vote vote the latah the school came after residents spoke out against putting buses a james island elementary school whose of all house at the st james reser jerry and church last night as the james island interfaith action committee eddie brought the community together in an effort to veto the depot and hope sales across the low country ticked up in june by the region's redhod real estate market appears to be cooling off homeless things are down sixteen percent from a year ago in the charleston region wtmj news time seattle thought partly sunny today with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast once again however i don't think the coverage is going to be quite as widespread as it was yesterday liquor for daytime highs in the days on the beaches to around ninety handling placed at hyde iran 75 for the most part with a stray shower thunderstorm tomorrow drier with after denies in the low 90s even hotter thursday and friday with highs going back into the nineties with lots of sunshine just a few clouds from the storm t to forecast i'm meteorologist john martin the doc thank you judge barbecues right now it is partly cloudy and eighty two great stories wealthy jime is now here's leg perry here yeah middle english he's there you bet hey look at it.

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