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I mean christopher doesn't have nothing else to do if he's making the quickening there's a lot to take in right missing recast i think where my eyes went right away and my heart started the feel it a little bit was i felt bad for the actor chris conrad who was recast and rule of johnny cage for all of two minutes i went into this movie and you know there wasn't a lot of press about it i hadn't read a lot i was reading entertainment weekly and game magazines and entertainment magazines google and yet somehow went into this not knowing the cast wasn't back i had no idea that even christopher lamb bear i knew that was not the same sonya blade but for the two minutes he was on screen i thought chris conrad might have been lived in ashby it doesn't really matter does it when they crack your neck as your one and only acting moment and again johnny cage my favorite character my entire drive to saint louis i'm like i can't wait to see johnny cage getting some fights again they broke his neck they broke my heart yeah well but sometimes can be sometimes that can really pull you in maybe this is the darker more dramatic mortal combat no it's not push him side and set up the fact that we're not even going to have a mortal kombat tournament this is not based like the other one on people fighting one another it's sort of a mission to stop the outer world from invading even though they lost their sore losers and they're just going to take six days and hope none of the other gods notice and just take us hostage yet they keep saying wait we won the tournament the doors closed and new raden is like what closes can also open again the what's the point of having a tournament could just do this yeah that's awesome worst losers ever at one point raid it goes and cries to his god parents i guess it says hey the breaking the rules and they said don't worry about it basically yeah this is going to take any convention any hopes and dreams you may have had from the first one resolving and picking up the story that we just saw.

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