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Argonne national vanilla your heart has more on that any injury says they they've got it this year the ira guidelines uh max max reiss at eight maximum winning a playoff series let me know what you dauga well wake up join us there for a little over there you can't blame it on heavy is saying that many wake me up when you went to closer joe joey view the nasdaq in a bomb which i love zamin you think the metric and of the vision i don't think it's out of the realm iding everything would have to go perfectly i mean let's be honest i mean every day would have to go perfectly at a natural after backtoback what a mess have power and i mean they're both pitchers are counted if they if if three of them could be out everywhere count the guam don't be okay but and gender guard harvey math you get two for them healthy uh they're very talented georgi two largest station i who if arkansas africa even saw with number four starters graves great second after the season and was salute you were right in with that sale well really are a clear but wasn't like six point three seconds as bad it was a by the way i gotta i gotta defend matches their with all those different i colors that he has he has won a playoff series it just wasn't in washington is going with him that with the tigers yo any barked in our he heard will be and lock lio at one of the great burger the whole time but he took him out and i think putin then walk i remember correctly key benlan now on the nationals teammates again they're in record spirit another hindsight i concur i i could get remember baird was betenoire believe serving enough that they've poppy grand slam parable they were there they should have won that series too low item muster's who's doing obviously than that uh snow showers is a great pitch it is there's no question john john it's always i mean we ran on like one old tunisia yours spot has become like mas like appointment radio now yeah well i'll tell you it's the highlight of my week i'm paper now somebody somebody between it to me that was i haven't their weak and i said it by eleven mile there you go.

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