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After this had happened. Really just shook me and a lot of different ways. He just couldn't shake the question who was this woman. How did she end up face down in the desert? So that night. I remember Jason calling me Jason called a friend of his a woman named Robin Reinecke in being really clearly shaken and asking for advice, Robin, actually run this nonprofit in Tucson called the center for human rights Khalib, we center for human rights, and they do a lot of work with the missing. And with bodies have been recovered Jason Keller today, we had this. This thing we found this person out here. And could you help us idea her? Now, the thing is Robin's office is actually in the medical examiner's office. So that means that just down the hall from Robin is the guy we met at the beginning. Bruce anderson. Couple of hundred people or at least bones of person are in here. So Bruce is working on the medical examiner side, anytime and identified migrant body comes in Bruce tries to piece together who this person is looking at dimensions in the shape of the skull markers robustness of the bones like looking at the length of the bones, or the density, the bones nine fusion of these separate bones. Looking at whether someone's in the body or fused together. Which is something that happens right after puberty Bruce can actually figure out approximately what age the person is their sex their weight their height. And in the case of the woman that Jason found her body was surprisingly in relatively good condition. So pretty quickly. They were able to determine she's probably in her thirties. She's.

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