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Was the Elvis voiceover in. God, Damn. That's shabby. I know you're talking about Tina Di Di di. Da, Da. Da Da da Da. I could look it up I'm just GonNa let on. Simone Annabel Tarantino, I will say the name of the Elvis movie that he was actually in was it happened at the world's fair as a much lesser known Elvis. Elvis Elvis, which was carbon. Think, that's probably his breakout dramatic role even though that was a TV movie. Yeah but it's still. Moving. That was the one that transitioned him from TV into films and it also that one he met carpenter on no say which leads to actually his film career. Exactly. Yeah. I think after the Elvis movies when he did the threes cars before he did the carbon which used cars, I, think the first Robert zemeckis movie really Yep. Wow, that's. About all this history. History. When have an answer like Ca Russell whose career spans? So many decades you're going to have those hits of working with Elvis with Damascus, John Carpenter James Gunn Guardians of the galaxy like he's spanned. Working with Disney and then gritty horror vin diesel. Oh, I'm sorry vin diesel as well. Yes. Actually. Multiple. Times. Multiple Times. And? How about how about we just talk about the he's working with the Rock in those movies not vin diesel. True Okay impossible. I'm just saying with the the diesel, the diesel, a family. Carpenter one that I really WANNA focus on to start because that is really the most pro prolific Ling team of director and actor Russell been a part of in his career because. The four, five, six like how many films he five? Elvis. Yep and so that that is enough to be one of those classic team play. You know Scorsese's got his guys that he leans on. You know it was Deniro for while and then it was dicaprio for a bit and Kurt. Russell's always been carpenters like go to guy for a lot of his big and also smaller stuff. Like Hughes was he assault on precinct? No, it wasn't. was. Both escape movies. Even. Talk about the. First. One was the original choice I live but I think the studio at the time. If I remember correctly, the studio at the time was like you've him too many times and so. On. That movie would not be what it was or what it is if it wasn't. For Ripe I'm sorry Kurt Russell is awesome. But the fact that's right. You're already paper Rowdy Roddy. Piper. Gala De said wait a twenty minute fight scene I I can't do that Kinda Shit like. Seriously, it just keeps going with a guy. With a Guy Keith David size by the way, it's way bigger than. You. Only thing he's like A. Picture Russell with his dejected kind of tone be like putting the glasses on here that in your exactly sounded good sound. Well, it was only eight minutes but. You know what I mean. It feels like twenty minute. Episodes of the show. A lot longer than I can. Yes. Behind the scenes I just like the fight in the. Note that I think that was A. CEO and it sucks I mean at the time probably was pissed but I think it was better overall for the movie. Honestly I don't even know honestly if they could technically afford him because that's when he started kind of hitting like a larger. No. Years later he had big trouble I mean what they could afford them for that. three years later. From I think troubles that was before they live. was before those after now's before troubles eighty-six. What year was eighty, eight, eighty, eight, really live. And it's a side note here for big trouble. The only reason they were able to afford him for that role is because it was a little China. So the set costs were lower because it's a smaller. ABC BIB BIB. On. Know that actually makes sense because I did the kinds of things that like he was in after big trouble. Like board, which was like huge comedy. Oil Tequila Sunrise now is that where he may go cash. Cash as a good one probably. Okay pro. I don't really know but you know I I think we're just GONNA. Assume. that. Don't forget about Captain Ron. God. Damnit. Later Ninety two. All those in. But yeah. He kind of blew up right after big. Big Trouble. When he got back, he did get back to more serious roles though, yeah, me too late nineties. Yeah. We talked about a breakdown and there was another one where he was like a count or something like that. That was pretty good. I can't remember the name of that one I mean he was in backdraft but actually. Have does not get enough love. Making movies he's also we will get into all that. Who the fuck are you dictating? I'd. Regulating. Because, we're jumping all the fuck as between Bernie Titanic and backdraft. The best. Just let me go scene has to be fucking backdrop. Yes. All veterans. Too I'm with you one hundred percent. In. Dr Is like I'll never let go and then just falls into burning and burnout. All Sad. Tearful there was enough room on the grading for of you I don't know why you dry. Sacrifice yourself for. Online. Plenty of Walmart and one of the week. Baldwin's. flatliners ghostly anymore. Okay. Do you think he likes being called the weaker? Baldwin? He's not with me call the weakest Stephen Baldwin that Stephen Border Which is Also the most famous Stephen. Domes. Daniel. Daniel Yeah. Yes. Stephen Got Bio Dome I. I think that's literally all he's really done. No, no steam Baldwin was awesome. Unusual usual suspects he was okay he was. Yeah. Was Fernow he was. One two, three printing all. About. I'm about to move back into Dana Baldwin junk arbiters vampires back to carpenter. Bring say realize it's all good. Good job. That that that that. James Woods episode because Vampires different level of fucking fund. But part of me part of the reason why Kurt Russell and carpenter work. So well, together aside from anything that happened behind the scenes as far as actually enjoying each other's company, which goes a long way they actually got along relatively well was that. His acting style very much was in the same line with what carpenter was doing with the filming, which was like. Intense and like thoughtful also really pulpy in some ways and that's kind of how corrupt was always acted do well, it's interesting the first to. Escape and thing it's a very serious somber one but his character in big trouble it's complete change from that and carpers able recognize that like you know Russell can do that. Yeah and I. Think early on Russell Russell Really, displayed. The his jobs in the in the fact that we're doing carpenter movies it showed that he was actually they could do more with less. And that care I, carry them through his career honestly because like that then it was all about his acting prowess and not about what was the director would fit into the movie to kind of bolster the character because I mean look at escape from New York it's. He's got there soccer's, but there's a lot of just him. And his lines talking to people, and then it's just somebody he's passed by then he goes to some you know he goes to another area and so on and so forth you know he's and he does that repeatedly throughout a lot of his early movies. At. Kinda follow with a hunters thing no I. Absolutely. Agree. Kurt Russell can do the STOIC. Bad Ass. So God damn well. Until, he over does it and then you get soldier. Well. Yeah. Yeah. But his ability to.

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