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Tend to undervalue the vantage is in circumstances that help us does leads to unhappiness, and ungrateful nece an example of the former is that many people believe that their parents were tougher on them than they were on their siblings. An example of the latter is that we discount the role of luck or happenstance when good things come our way. And instead attributed are. Success solely to our own hard work. We also have a tendency to overlook the impact of factors in our lives at the paper's authors. Call the invisibles such as our opportunities for education in advancements in health and technology. They cite a great bit by comedian Louis C K called everything is amazing. And no one cares to further illustrate this point quote. I was on an airplane, and there was internet high speed internet on the airplane. That's the newest thing that I know exists and I'm sitting on the plane, and they go open up, your laptop, you can go on the internet, and it's fast. I'm watching YouTube clips on an airplane. Then it breaks down, and they apologize. The internet's not working the guy next to me goes this is both like how quickly the world owes him something. He knew existed only ten seconds ago, and quote, the big problem with his type of asymmetrical thinking is that it leads us to take things for granted. And not be nearly as grateful as we ought to be this matters because in attitude of gratitude lease to. All sorts of benefits beyond the present, positive state of mind numerous studies have shown that feeling more grateful about one circumstances lease to a multitude of benefits, including more happiness, more friends, better health and career success to name a few this leads to another question..

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