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A more accurate weather. Prediction model has been delayed. Rebecca, hersher, NPR news. A judge has cleared three. Chicago police officers of charges they covered up a colleagues fatal shooting of seventeen year old look one McDonald as WBZ's chip Mitchell reports the judge says a video of the incident only showed part of what happened after officer Jason Van Dyke fired sixteen shots in the McDonald. Police reports depicted the teen as attacking the cop a police dash Cam video contradicted, those reports. Three other officers were charged with a cover-up now judge Domenica Stevenson says prosecutors failed to prove it. There is a finding of not guilty as to every count and each defendant of conspiracy official misconduct and obstruction of Justice afterwards special prosecutor Patricia Brown, Holmes said legal barriers kept her from a lot of evidence. We do hope that this has been a crack in the wall of the code of silence on Friday. Van Dyke is scheduled to be sentenced for second degree murder. Aggravated battery. For NPR news. I'm chip Mitchell in Chicago. Iran is calling on the United States to release it American born television anchor who works for an Iranian broadcaster NPR's. Danielle Czeslaw reports that the journalist is believed to be in custody in Washington DC, Marzia Hashemi is an anchor for the English language. State media Press TV in Iran. She was born Melanie Franklin in New Orleans and converted to Islam her son Hussein Hashemi says his mother was detained at an airport in Saint Louis. He says he believes she is being held as a material witness, but it's unclear why. And whether she faces any charges, both the FBI and the Justice department declined to comment Danielle Czeslaw reporting. You're listening to NPR news. Michigan state university's. Interim president John Engler has been fired English dismissal comes a week before he planned to step down over his public comments about victims of former sports, Dr Larry Nassar, Inger a former governor was tapped to replace Lou Anna Simon who resigned a year ago. Simon was accused of mishandling misconduct claims against Nassar who serving what amounts to a life sentence for abusing more than three hundred young women and girls a new report by the Pew Research Center, finds that young people born after nineteen Ninety-six are more likely than older generations to know, someone who does not identify as a man or a woman. NPR's Hans lo Wong reports on pews. I ever polling members of generations e the post millennial generation sometimes called generation Z is about as liberal and open to many emerging trends as the millennial generation according to the Pew Research Center. But Kim Barker director of social trends research, Hugh. Says generations Xeres standout from Eleni in how familiar they are with gender neutral pronouns generation Z is most likely generation to say, they know someone who uses pronouns like they and then a strong majority of them say that when someone is stealing out an profile or a form that asked for their gender. They should be given options beyond man or woman. Parker says about the same shares of generations Xeres millennials say there should be more acceptance of gender non-conforming people on along NPR news New York on stock markets in Asia. Shares are higher following gains. On Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials rose one hundred and.

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