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Twenty one. I'm russ and here's what you need to know about today. Yeah we've got so many national days to talk about for today. It's just crazy. We've got cheese doodle day. I mean come on cheez doodles have some of those today While we talk about the rest of these and you'll probably finish them off. She get one of those big things of you. Know the big package. All right It's multiple personality day and that's of course raising awareness things like that right We have day of unplugging. Yeah can you believe that you're actually going to have to unplug and some actually websites. Say this is tomorrow. But it's first friday in march. That's the actual date for unplugging day so unplug from all technology except this podcast. That's what you need to do today. it's kinda sucks that it's on a friday because you know you're working and you're stuck with your computer. So what else are you gonna do right Also national dress in blue day and coincidentally i am dressed in blue today and Why is it dressed in blue day while it is about colon cancer awareness. So if you're a colon cancer survivor you know somebody. That's had it than what i'm blue today and it's also one more here real film day and i said real like as in reels right the old school film projector reels. So you know that day kind of made me think of a guest that i had on just the other day brie. Bella cini from wd fm podcast. The official walt disney family museum. Podcast bree when you think films you've gotta think walt disney right. Oh yeah he's the king of classic phones. So what is your favorite disney. My favorite. i'll. I'll go with the live action film since we're talking about rails and cameras and my favorite would probably be twenty thousand leagues under the sea. They created at the disney studios created a special underwater camera. First of its kind to film some of these really amazing impactful scenes underwater with the squid so much action You know okay. I've i've got animated. I i think disney animation. And i think as a kid watching finocchio. I love that movie end. I like that you have a podcast coming up about pinocchio. Can you tell us a little about that. Yes this man. Later this month we will have a deep dive episode on our podcast. All about pinocchio in history and just how masterful animation historians consider. Probably the most technically perfect animated film with has all time. They have to tell the truth there or else their noses would grow. Let's talk a little about what's going on. Over at the walt disney family museum i know with covid restrictions We're seeing some closure some changes but you guys have some great visual experiences. Can you tell us a little about those. We have lots of great virtual offerings that you can find on our website while disney dot org are free Virtual programs are happily ever after our series. So they feature a lot of different people and in the animation industry so directors producers animators. And we have a lot of in-depth virtual talks and kind of theme tours. We also have our community days and our virtual group activities so lots of things to experience on our website. And you can also if you go to that website. You're gambling to breeze podcast. Wd fm official podcast of the walt disney family museum. Thanks for joining me and for you when we come back. We're going to talk about our events for today but also what is going on this weekend. I wish for audio. I had something like graham early. It's fantastic for the podcast. Use it every single day. I love grammar. And what there's a link in the podcast description for you to click and you can try gramley it basically. It's like you know having your own editor. So click the link in description and try out graham really all right so data events for the weekend coming up here. We only do the podcast. Monday through friday so we added this new segment to tell you what's going on this weekend. Well it starts with tomorrow saturday. Can you believe that the weekend works. It's national dentists day tomorrow. So yeah i guess she can go. Stop is scheduled appointment. It's national dress day national day. That one is one. I can definitely get behind about some of those rights as potato skins friday ran in those are going to be awesome later. Tonight it's also oreo cookie day and you know if you're going go to the dentist. I strongly recommend having some oreo cookies beforehand. You know make them more for it and cheesecake. Yeah white chocolate cheesecake day tomorrow. And i was talking to my son the other day and it was like with the be great if they figured out that the cure for covid was cheesecake. Like if you have some cheesecake you're all good. Everything's fine wouldn't that be great. I wish they would come up with something like that Then we've got sunday. We've got lots jack day. National be heard day. We've got cereal day. And we've got crown of roast pork day. That one sounds delicious to me. I'm going to throw one of those in the motor maybe You know the the pork shoulder out. I'll kind of observe the holiday not a fourth roast shoulder and get some pulled pork talked about that. Before on the show it's amazing and then finisher's medal day as well which is the first sunday in march. Okay i'm not going to get into the exact details of all these days because that would take tyrod cast and we've got a chance to talk about today so at least i let you know what's going on right. Let's take a look at some of our events toward today on this day in one thousand nine hundred sixty. Elvis presley ended his time in the army. He was done with the army on this day. It was kinda you know crazy that he had to go to the army. The interesting that i find about this whole situation is that he meant priscilla now. She was very very young. She was like i don't know twelve years old or something like that. But that's how they met while he was in germany in the army now they were just friends and then of course later they got married they had hidden. The rest is history In nineteen eighty six on this day the today tabloid launched in britain. It was the first national color newspaper. Do you believe that the first national color newspaper. It's like usa today but You know british so totally not like it. But i guess kind of anyway Twenty fifteen the last ebola patient in liberia was an english teacher. Fifty eight years old. He was released and it was declared that the world the nation was ebola. Free by the world health organization It was like basically they just needed no new cases for the next forty two days a we need that is right now. No new cases of anything all right last year on this day. Elizabeth warren the front runner the presidential race. She dropped out on this day a year ago and mike bloomberg dropped out of the two thousand twenty race as well and people are still talking about that. Katy perry announced that she was pregnant. Yeah now of course her and orlando bloom did have the baby already because it's been a year ranked Yeah so daisy was born in august of twenty twenty two days before the distribution of her latest album smile. And you know the biggest.

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