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Mom, it stands for awesome. Yeah. No it. Isn't that the one that you ran past? She's like yeah, I airport. Yeah, I have a teenage daughter. She'll shoot down ninety nine point nine percent of any idea, so if I tell her something, she says yes, then we go within. Yeah, we still excited about is talking to you. He was. Over the moon about it we'll take us as soon as I saw the title I'm like. How old are these chicks? They have daughters that are fifteen great. We're old enough. We'll guys I. Really appreciate this and. I'm excited to listen to more of your shows. That's one more thing I want to say. I'm looking through at your Your shows and you have one from last week. That says ghosted by Chris. Jericho, what did I you? Missed an appointment. What do they do? Free! Did we. We. The first time we talked to you, I reached out to twitter Gosh. How many? It's been a long time and. So. We were so stoked. Really. Yes, WE'RE GONNA get jacked Chris Jericho can using offense that we brag about and several other podcasts, and then your crazy schedule wouldn't allow you to talk to us I decided. You weren't real excited. You or somebody else, monkey. Fake Yeah, is that what you want me to say to yourself today waving at us for proof. That you're in the, you're impact here. Actually something that we do when we have guests on, but I had. That's like the cutest Salvia. Portable. Yes, thank you and believe me. I'm going to last that so sorry in advance you got it now. You have to send a self you back and then I'll photoshop is three of us together and make it look like real. Did this person? We've already been taking pictures taken like two hundred all track and we wanted to send you the best of the best. For girls and guys, too I could just take one senate. I don't care you. Guys gotTa make sure it looks right, and the angle is good, and my hair looks good in this one. Here, did you? Guys I'm really a ghost I. Don't you know that it's not funny like we thought maybe we would. Do we were doing video chat stressed up. Makeup and everything. Yeah, thank you so much, guys. It's been just blast talking to you and We'll have to when you get when you get some more stories to tell a little dude again. Thank you so much. We can't thank you enough for this. This is a really big deal for a little baby podcast like ours. You are an angel. Thank you Chris. Let's make it monstrous. Guys..

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