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Forecast. Here's Tom skilling. Watch clouds in our future. But temperatures will begin a slow rebound. The next couple of days, we'll break above freezing tomorrow, Friday Saturday and even Sunday, but we got a wet storm coming in on Saturday, which could produce up to an inch and a half of rain that with melting snow may mean some flooding problems for us in the area in the short term clouds will lower and thicken tonight. Some light snow may develop overnight temperatures will remain merely steady in the low and mid twenties as incoming milder air. Overruns the retreating cold air Thursday, some light snow early. Then cloudy, not quite as cold few sprinkles or flurries or even ice pellets possible on occasion, tomorrow, high temperature thirty six of ten ten degree increase over today. Thursday night and Friday. Remains cloudy, a flurry or bit of drizzle or freezing drizzle from time to time low Thursday night, twenty six Friday up to forty and then Saturday rain heavy at times and Wendy chance of a thunderstorm could be some flooding steady. Rains will become more showery later in the day. High temperature forty five and Sunday, cloudy, foggy damp, drizzly, a few rain showers mixed with some wet snowflakes in the afternoon and evening, high forty six but lowering to the upper thirties before nightfall from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling. It is twenty six degrees at O'Hare, midway twenty-six Glen ellyn twenty-five. It's twenty-six along Chicago's lakefront. Winds are south five miles an hour. The.

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