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You know these these moments are not something that happens very often and now you need to go put every detail no car like you're racing for a championship race at homestead every week because it just has that that special feel too many nascar fans might be thinking has any driver ever done this much this soon before all the answer is yes but it's been more than two decades and the name might be familiar jeff gordon we'll score the win is leading the way car like jeff gordon now with healthy advantage of well over two seconds over the second place car of jeff bowed i and jeff gordon will win his tenth victory by this point in nineteen ninetyseven gordon also had five wins he would go on to win ten races that year and the second of his four championships history repeats itself harvick seemed to be on a similar track ten wins and a second championship it is definitely looking that way what he thank you so much coming up we'll look back on this week in nascar history and look forward to this weekend at charlotte motor speedway welcome back to sports few next topic is it really all about power makes me think of progressives name your price tool gives you the power to find based on your budget let's go to chuck for an irrelevant analogy beckham the day people in how many oranges are in the crate they just took the oranges they didn't say on his six seven twelve fifty whatever it was just oranges to get me we get you check in word oranges give it to a straight with the progressive name your price tool progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage limited by state law he's he's bodily and he's only at advance auto parts these jimmy johnson bobblehead you can get when you buy five four valvoline motor oil at advance auto parts now through maith thirtieth also through may thirtieth at five four full synthetic motor oil and any curator boss filter for thirty to ninety nine advance auto parts where oil is priced like it should be limit five oil change specials per customer.

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