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But there's another place. The Rainbow musical I saw Blondie. I saw Deborah Harry at the Rainbow Music Call in 1979. I'm 22 years old. The hormones are going off the chart, and here's Debbie, Harry and Blondie and I'm gonna tell you something. Cars. Uh, I mean, hey, I'm married. Now. I'm happily married. Got four wonderful kids. But let me tell you, Deborah Harry on the pole at the Rainbow Music Hall. Playing, uh, with Blondie was a mind blower, You know, going back to your point about. It's not just about the concert or the game you go to, but the memories that surrounded the people you were with Went back to my first show at red Rocks and over a year and I was thinking, man, I would love to have a ticket stub from this concert just to remember who I was with when it was, you know, just walking through the parking lot at red rocks and seeing all the people tailgating and hanging out with their friends again. If I had that ticket stub, you know that would trigger that memory every time I saw it. You know what? What I do I have these pictures in my office and I have certain ticket stubs in the side of the frames, you know, because they were really meant a lot to me. January 1st 1978 I laminated two tickets. Broncos Raiders first time the Broncos went to the Super Bowl. I mean, that is something I'll never forget. And I'll never forget who I was with. And and the whole thing. I mean, um, June I want to say June 8th. 1996 Tiger Stadium, fifth inning. I asked the wonderful Linda from Littleton to marry me, and I have that ticket stuff. So it's been just great memories. Let's say hi to Bill Bill. Welcome to the show. How are you, My friend? You're on K away news radio. I'm good cast. Good. They had to be back there, Lou. Well, it's good to be back. How you doing, all right. I'm doing good. My day is going great house in the sky. I love it. I love him. I love these days anyway. What's on your mind, my friend. Well, I've got tickets and I've got 22 different tickets that That, uh, quite frankly, laminated, because they're very special, but I doubt if you know when my kids they're nothing special to my kids. Hope it may not may not. If I go I'm old enough to go. Had I, uh they don't get locked. So, um, I don't know who won was 1968 drives deal was on the mound for L. A And no special game wasn't just anything special. It's just we love going to the Dodgers Games by always kept that because it drives down Yeah, I mean him and co fax. I mean, the 12 punch of the L. A Dodgers. I mean, that's the fact that the Iranian I got I got to see Colfax, but they didn't keep those tickets. Right. Right, right. The other one was John Denver at Red Rocks and in 77. I think what I don't have them with me, so I can't give you exact age, but But the guy you had on I'm glad you had him on. Thank you for having me Rush havens. Yeah, And let me just tell you Russ Havens, and I appreciate the call Bill. Russ Havens has this website ticket stub collection dot com and the reason I was so attracted to this guy. As far as says website And that sort of thing was he had, you know he started because he was a lover of music and sports, and he started collecting these tickets stuff, so he had a love for it, And it's not about selling them and that sort of thing. But It's It's a great website ticket stub collection dot com and you'll go through there and you'll see in the fifties and sixties and seventies, the tremendous artwork that these graphic artist did. It's amazing. It's amazing. And the Pac eight. He has a whole section on the pack. Eight. Uh, football. Those Ticket stubs are incredible Ticket stub collections dot com and I do not get a fee for mentioning him on the air. I mean, I've mentioned him enough. I might get one after this segment. He lives in San Diego. He can't hear me. Although K always in 38 states when the sun goes down, That's why we're the 50,000 Watt Blowtorch billion Littleton. Welcome to the show. Hello. I have a ticket for Jimi Hendrix at Regis College. Holy Cow! 1967. Yes. 1968 February 14 Oh, Valentine's Day Hendricks of Regis on Valentine's down. Oh, no. And the warm up band with soft machine. Oh, wow. And then I saw him again at, uh, they play about red rocks and, uh, 60 September of 68 at Red Rocks, along with With dinner. I fudge up there. Wow! And then the third time My song was at the Denver Pop festival in June of 69, which was the old Well Bear stadium then so so let me ask you, Billy or Bill the Does the ticket stuff have artwork on it. Is it just Hendricks to 14 68? Yeah, just just a day. It's real plain and how much was the ticket? $3.50 How much $3.50 Wow! Do you remember the shell? Well, Absolutely. I remember. We went back to school and I want to rappel high school. I went back and I couldn't hear the next scape the next day because he was so loud. Hey, do you happen to know Steve Perkins? Yes, I do. Yeah, he was a union. He was my brother's age. Yes, I do. He when, uh, with Janet Outweigh. Is that right? Yeah, but anyway, he's from Arapahoe High School. Hold on a second. I got to get to the news. I'm Lou from Littleton. You're listening to K O a news radio..

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