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It he's so busy he'll make your head spin it's brian kilmeade i don't know what muller was supposed to do other than what he did when a prosecutor comes in contact with information or evidence of a crime what are you supposed to do other than to refer it to the appropriate jurisdiction you know i don't know what it is as soon as we find out what it is we'll know more at two o'clock this afternoon we'll get to know more about michael cohen in the southern district of new york let's now bring in ron how haas go ron's great guest on this show former fbi assistant director president law enforcement legal defense fund and ron also worked under robert mueller and of course with great interest as james komi represented the fbi last night rodney help or hurt the image of the fbi in his interview brian i imagine that you have a group of people out there who are firmly opposed to anything that comes out of jim commes mouth and the person himself because of the impact on the election visavis hillary clinton you have others who are opposed to to call me because of his relationship with the president and how that played itself out and the things he said in the intervening days i know that you mean the personal attacks descriptions he shorter does hair his hands and so i i don't know that jim komi has a you know huge huge fan base.

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