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In Nineteen, twenty nine by Charles. Grigg who could be described as a serial soda inventor. In Nineteen Nineteen Greg was working for a manufacturing company owned by Vesey. Jones when he created an orange flavored drink, he called whistle. After a dispute with Management Greg left, but whistle stayed behind since it was owned by Vesey Jones. Greg then went to work for the Warner Jenkinson company where he invented his second soft drink called howdy. Howdy, was supposedly the third best selling soda worldwide for a time. This time when Greg in his employer split, he took the soda with him. Together with finance financier at Monroe. Greg went onto form the howdy company. But Griggs orange flavored soda couldn't compete with the behemoth that was orange crush, so he decided to switch flavors. Eventually. We got bibliophile litigated Lemon Lime Soda, which would become seven up a few years later. Why the name change, what does it mean? No one knows but many people like to speculate. Here's the most persuasive explanation that the seven refers to these seven original ingredients, water, sugar, citric, acid, lithium, citrate, sodium, citrate, and essences of Lemon and lime, which you have to group together as one ingredient. This seems to be supported by an early slogan, seven natural flavors blended into a savory flavor. Re drink with a real wallop. Other alternate histories include Grigg saw a cattle brand that looked like seven up Griggs was playing craps and praying for a seven, the original bottle held seven ounces. That let them has an atomic number of seven which does. Set an up contains seven letters. If you spell it out and my personal favourite, it doesn't mean anything at all. That griggs just came up with something punchier than Biblical litigated Lemon Lime Soda. Even if it lands poorly on the ear. We do know what the original name meant. The soda was referred to as Lithium did because it contained the mood altering drug lithium with the citrate specifically. Griggs concoction hit crowded store shelves just two weeks before the nineteen twenty nine stock market crashed that helped to precipitate the Great Depression, but it still managed to sell well which I am more than happy to guess was due to the effects of Lithium on stressed and depressed customers. Though. Lithium was taken out of the name in nineteen, thirty six. It wasn't taken out of the Soda Until Nineteen Forty Eight when the government banned its use in soft drinks. But? What is lithium? Is Lithium drug the same as lithium the batteries? That doesn't matter as much as the story of how it was determined to be a treatment for bipolar disorder, but we used to call manic depressive illness, which affects about one in one hundred people worldwide. It puts suffers through a relentless cycle of emotional highs and lows, mania and depression suicide rates for untreated people with bipolar disorder can be ten to twenty times greater than the general population. The fortunately lithium therapy can help to bring that back down to the average. During the Second World War Australian psychiatrist John Cade was captive in the notorious Japanese prisoner of war camp, shine G in Singapore for more than three years. During that time he observed link between certain food deficiencies, a major issue in a POW camp and disease among the other captives. For example a lack of B. Vitamins caused berry, Berry and Polanka, which is why most cereal based goods that you buy are fortified with Niacin. Cade survived the camp which you probably guessed. I wouldn't be talking about him and continued his investigations. Working in a disused room in the Bhandara Repatriation Mental Hospital near Melbourne. He began to collect urine samples from people with depression, Mania and schizophrenia. He wanted to know if there were some secretion, some marker in their urine that correlated to their symptoms. Kate had little in the way of sophisticated equipment, even by nineteen forty standards, and was treading uncharted scientific waters, so he did what he could where he was with what he had. He injected the urine samples into the abdominal cavities of Guinea pigs raising the dose until the Guinea pig died. Kate found that the urine of people with mania was the most lethal. In further experiments cade found that lithium carbonate derived from the light silvery metal lithium and used for decades to treat gout and other conditions markedly reduced toxicity of the patient's urine. When cade gave the lithium carbonate to the guinea pigs directly rather than by way of a urethra, the guinea pigs calm down rather than scratching and fussing in their cages. Suspecting, lithium could have a similar effect on humans. Que did my favorite thing. A scientist can do which fans of the show and readers of the your brain on facts book, which could really use some more Amazon reviews if you have a minute. My favorite thing, scientists do. He tested it on himself to work out the safe dose. And he must've used good methodology because as we know now, but he couldn't have known then. A therapeutic dose of lithium is between point, six and one point two micro equivalents to the leader. A toxic dose starts at one point five micro equivalent to the leader, so the butter zone between doing nothing and killing. You is very narrow. Kate again administering lithium to people with mania, many of whom had been in and out of the Bundler a hospital for years. In September nineteen, forty nine, he reported fast and dramatic improvement in all of them to the Medical Journal of Australia. The lithium made such a dramatic difference that half of the patients were able to go home to their families and resume their lives. And that Tory run out of ideas at least for today back to Dr Pepper there. People were friendly with Texas. State Food Commissioner Jay S Abbott. WHO helped draft a bill to ban the use of caffeine in all sodas. State representatives accused the Dr. Pepper Company of actually writing the bill themselves since they stood to gain from it, if every other so to make her head to change their formula that would cost and sales, and surely some of those dissatisfied customers would try Dr Pepper instead Dr Pepper defended their surely noble intentions with a vitriolic collusion, denying ad in the Austin daily statesman. The actually passed and Dr Pepper lead even harder into their cocaine and caffeine free formula. For about four years before they added Caffeine to stay competitive. 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