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Time to refinance your house ever ten year treasury dropped down to two point five five percent. That's what happens when markets get fudgy. The money pours into treasuries the money people buy treasuries that forces down the interest rate and a lot of fifteen or thirty year interest rates for homes for refinancing or buying thus tumble. If you lock them in now. So you wanna call Andrew and Todd at triple eight triple eight eleven seventy-two today and say, hey, let's refinance my house. Let me call it. My debt I spent too much at Christmas. Or I want to buy a house where I wanna buy an investment property. I'm tired of the market goes up too much down too much. I haven't sold a thing. I never sell a thing. But triple eight triple eight eleven seventy-two if you wanna get a market start on the refinancing. Do it today there in the office today? They're wonderful people. I've known him for twenty plus years yesterday that big story with the Dow down six hundred and sixty points, the NASDAQ went down two hundred and two points and the s&p went down two points. Now, you might think is up the big story Mansi Pelosi taking the gavel. No, I praised that news in a long time ago. We knew that was happening. You might say the big news was that the shutdown in its third week. Now, we we know that intend to go a long time because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will not compromise. And I would like your opinions on who's to blame for this one eight hundred five zero one two three four I think it is squarely. A Schumer Pelosi shutdown. The president is asking for five billion dollars in border security some of that for border barrier. They're saying not enough and not in their first Bill. They will not build any border barriers. That's not compromise. That's that's a hostility to borders. Nancy Pelosi said walls are immoral. I guess she wants to take down the walls that we have built already. It is all on the Democrats if you're feeling pain, if you're one of the eight hundred thousand federal employees, you are furloughed at not getting paid that's because of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and it has been from day one the president took the mantle he said, I'm going to shut the government down. And then he lateral to them. Send me a deal I can sign they will not this is not about Kevin McCarthy. It's not about Mitch McConnell that are in the room. Mitch McConnell has said he's not bringing up a Bill that doesn't have border security in it. So when and if Democrats want border security, and we all want border security, you want there to be no southern border. Anyone? I'd be able to walk across you know, what happened. We would take down the border security at Yuma where the highest concentration of it. Get it in San Diego. I've been through that border many many times on my way to kill wanna my church in California's sports an orphanage down there. Some housebuilding projects I know the border very well. We're not talking four hundred thousand people were talking about four million people a year without the fencing, and we need better fencing and more fencing along the southern border about between six and nine hundred miles of it, the two thousand miles of border and more than a thousand or impassable. So it's not a seat assigning fee thing. So who is responsible one eight hundred five zero one two three four. But as I said, Andrew and Todd dot com sponsored pre market report. And I'm going to do it again, our number three. But I I want to tell you everything is green everybody overreacted yesterday. Yes is up thirty four points this morning. The NASDAQ is up one hundred and twelve and the Dow's up two hundred ninety three this the week. We get back to normal. Don't go off and do panic felling. Please hear my audience. I love you. I've been talking to you for nineteen and a half years. I tell you the same thing never sell on a panic cake. Never do that. Maybe you're panicked because of this cut number one. Everybody be quiet. Gentlewoman in California would please raise your rain in which.

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