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Or American Airlines today are having trouble, roughly a quarter of American and 29% of Delta flights have been late in taking off. However, aviation consultant Mike Boyd said the number of travelers still doesn't top pre-pandemic numbers. We got to put things in context. We're not back to 2019 levels. We are this year going to end up about 832 million in plain passengers. That compares to 980 prior to this pandemic. So we're not back there. That makes the situation look even worse. Americans are still paying high costs for gas despite prices slightly falling, triple-A says the nationwide average price is four 84 a gallon. R. Kelly is being placed on suicide watch at the Brooklyn jail where he's currently being held, the convicted sexual predator was sentenced to 30 years in prison earlier this week. Kelly's lawyer claims he was put on suicide watch as punishment. I'm Brian schuch. And I'm Charlie pellet. That Bloomberg world headquarters. The Dow, the S&P and nesta all advanced today treasury surged after an ugly first half as weak economic data added to recession fears. Marta Norton is chief investment officer at Morningstar investment services. Right now, I think the consensus is saying that inflation is peaking, whether it's peaked now or whether it's going to peak soon. It's kind of running its course. And a recession is a risk, but it's a lower risk. And if we do see a recession, it's a more moderate recession. Marta Norton of Morningstar, at wealth, chief investment officer Patrick Armstrong says earnings will determine stock performance for the second half. If we get any semblance of guidance that's almost matched, I think that could set the stage for a rally. So I think it'll be better than the first half, but it's not going to be an easy step to have. Chlorine is Patrick Armstrong, travel demand is booming and airlines are hoping to prevent the chaos of previous weekends that saw canceled flights and staff shortages, savvy Sith is an airline analyst at Raymond James. The biggest bottleneck is on the pilot side. We've had a lot of pilot retirements during the pandemic. When you didn't know if you had was going to come back. And now that demand has come back really strong, you're trying to hire and put pilots in the as quickly as possible, but it is a longer time horizon. Savvy Seth of Raymond James airline stocks higher today, UAL up 2.9% American up three and a half percent. Sources tell Bloomberg, Toronto dominion bank, the Canadian bank that's been expanding through acquisitions, is weighing a deal for the brokerage firm, cowan. S&P up 40 points today up 1.1% of the Dow up 321 up 1.1% as well, NASDAQ up 99 a .9%. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Charlie palette. This is Bloomberg

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