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We were saying. And i i think the availability thing and his dependability. Is a big red flag when you're producing this stuff. I don't think it's a bad pick. Nor in a sense. It steph gilmore one or two ago he was just kind of shutdown corner obviously but he was the face of a really good defense and the brandon. Staley improves his defense. I wouldn't be. I wouldn't be surprised if the face of that defense. Whoever it is. And i have been being joey bosa. Whoever that the face is would be in consideration for this award so three safeties have one in the past twenty years in fact if you go beyond that looks like only four safeties in history. Five safeties in history have won it And two of them were dick anderson and kenny easley. Before i was born on the three in the modern era was an a six year period. Ed reed no four bob sanders. Oh seven paula. Malo in twenty ten So it's not unheard of. It would just need the charges after being credibly. Relevant that your because all three of those teams the ravens colton steelers were legitimate super bowl contention the year that they put together. I love james i. I think he's gonna be. I think the odds of him being an incredibly impactful important player very high. You ever look at a safety box score. No no that's a good point. But i do think now it just happened. They're just like deeply boring. Okay these are these are media takes just as much as their football takes right like it's i feel like the nose getting smarter i feel like they're more stats out there. That capture how good is safety. And i think he's going to play more roles than than just to say he's going to be a linebacker in that defense is going to be a slot. Cornerback in defense. I think he's in a rush the passer. He's like one of the best. Pass rush us. Jamal adams before jamaa adam so i think he's going to be able to do play all these roles and that will help him win the award. Even i don't believe he's going to win it and just think it's really hard to win one of these things when you're sort of like a jack-of-all-trades right because it's much better to just have like fifteen sacks you know the other part of that is. I do think that having a young quarterback there if they're really good and really relevant young quarterback new coach like there are other people who are going to be sort of sucking the attention in terms of. Oh hey look look what they're doing that's me. That's my thought to the bosa. Kuka staley coach of the year run I think a lot of times with this. And i remember the universe humanity with heisman stuff. It's like the media has trouble giving the credit to the right person. Sometimes where it's like all of a sudden. We're giving a bunch of the heisman votes to ken. Dorsey you know And then the running back can't win at that to me if a team is actually making a legitimate run from from worst to first or from mediocre to great Which would be the chargers case I think it'd be hard hard for the media to parse it out in real time. I mean look at legion of boom. Like we still have trouble figuring out who was actually the best player agent boom. Even though you know seahawks people know that it was daryl. Bevill was a key all right. Let's do comeback player of the year. You hasn't floor dak prescott. I mean this. This one seems sort easy to me. If he has a good if he has a good season i think it's sorta locked up right like profile quarterback short but he he'd lot of weirdness around dak now. Yeah yeah they're yeah. That's a really good. You make really. Was it a okay. So i i wanted to dak here but you know he's got the arm. Soreness whatever you wanna call it comes out and then it's going to miss a couple of weeks and then it's we're not going to rush them. It's he could play game if it was regular season right now. Jerry jones is calling in texas rangers to figure it out because quarterbacks on so. I had this arm injury baseball players do if we're predicting if i was betting this which i wouldn't i would not put my money on that situation. I just i think the dak prescott is the best player. Who has the capability to win this award. But i also am just so nervous about that situation unraveling very quickly so i. I agree in have said a few times on this very show. The vibes are very bad. However i think the vibes have improved. Like he's practicing seems like things are going in the right direction. Maybe i should i am. I am charlie brown and dak prescott shoulder is football. But i still feel like if he's playing a relatively full season he kind of has it. I don't see anybody else winning it. And i would rather lean towards that than okay. Well there's a number of other candidates where xyz different things go right whereas doc it's just like if he plays. I think he's got stephen. I'm gonna go cam newton now. I'm just kidding. I i am. I am an idiot in forgot. Dak prescott exists. I had dermot jane's but dak prescott the right pick kevin. You're not gonna be able to talk me out of it. I don't care about vibes. Like he's the best. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the league award winner knows. You don't care about fives. I i am overlook the prescott fan. I am just leery of these situations. And i don't know who you think carson wentz is better than prescott admitted curse. I carson wentz. Comeback player of the year is not prepared for I think it's going to be so..

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