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I look at bull fights, not on the computer, but mentally because once I, once I recorded here, I play it over and over and over and over. And I go over every little thing, I'll go over everything. So I would like to take a lot of the box and he did in the first way. Yes. And I would like to add a little pressure to it that he didn't put it on in the second part. You know, 'cause I think it's like, doesn't matter who you are. Everybody reacts different to when you start putting pressure on them. Whether whether they whether you force them to become something else and they fight or whether they reveal who they really are, I don't know. But you have to make someone you have to make your opponent in somehow some way of comfortable and I think Canelo is a guy that you have to make uncomfortable. And if he starts, you start boxing, I'm putting pressure on him. If he starts missing, that makes him uncomfortable. You don't like the mist. That's why every fight, every punch is calculated. That's what he started walking guys down. He started walking guys down, and he says, you know if he keep taking, you gonna be there for him the last time. What would you just say, Jonathan? It sounds exactly what beeville did to him. You know? I mean, are you obviously you watched the brivo fight? Are you, what are you taking from that fight? It's hard to take a lot from that fight because I think what you all did, I honestly think G did the first one. You just didn't get the decision. No,

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