Global Financial System, Great Depression, ROE discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


It may diplomatic crack the opposition is symbolism in their symbolism some court can give you you blew him i think you the dowd your uh i think it if the drier who simplify who and uh you know the the the the modern american in global financial system ordinary complicated and when you combine back complications with the with we have no doubt that we saw in in beginning the youtuber named the great recession the people are angry people people people think he if it makes no sense big blaming the lack of a gold and the blame yup money they blame the federal reserve it all the eu dick they came up ward and and and obviously they're from roe v to that criticism but the government for for for me and a lot of the mainstream economy didn't follow from that gold go if the answer i gave you a either the a pretty good um but uh one of the reasons why will the book is that we had a gold standard in play when the really worst financial meltdown in the nation's history to play it it was very meek who kevin the revere the now if can live there in the great depression we were operating on the gold.

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