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But the second pivot we noticed for movie theaters is that they need cash fast but they can't. Call J. G. Wentworth. Why AMC theaters is letting you rent out an entire movie theater for yourself. Yes for ninety nine dollars no joke ninety, nine bucks you and up to twenty people get to choose the film had the whole sticky theater to yourself sounds incredible. But we suggest you round down the number of people in the air to a covert friendly like five. Boy You're probably just going to stay home. Now we're not fans of wasting any pop and we do love somehow shaking Christopher Nolan Dobie surround sound situation Jack I almost lost an ear during inception Pete Townsend went deaf because he's a Christopher Nolan fat but snacker is if you're staying home to watch Joe Rapid which he should it's a great great Phil Grab A. Tub of Popcorn from your local movie theater and if you WanNa Watch Mad Max fury road and really experience the fury. You can draw ninety nine dollars a booked a place for you and your covert Fam. It's almost lost the second year extra credit to this knacker who sends us a pick of either of those two things happen at robinhood snacks through. Stores. Soon. Daily. Snacks about. Food is can't they don't reflect the views of her family stolen. Recommending any securities it's not a research report or investment advice to offer or sale of security tasks. Next digestive business video. Financial LLC member FINRA SLASH PC. Four our first story, the first big tech giant just got sued for being a big tech giant. Google is the first and facebook Amazon could be next and Jack and are looking at this. This comes after like a year of issuing subpoenas an investigating, and ironically googling on Google all about Google I. Hope they did an incognito browser. Now, a bunch of attorneys general have finally made their Jack that is the best plural and the game attorneys-general doesn't get any better. You Got Geese Yup. HIPPOPOTAMI got attorneys-general. Yes you do and that's why the United States of America and eleven states have teamed up verse. Google LLC. This is the first major government case against in alleged monopoly since Microsoft Yeah Way. Back. In Nineteen Ninety, Yeah Jack the big. Crime against humanity and ninety eight windows. Ninety Eight, nineteen ninety eight great ear for the New York. Yankees it was bad year for Microsoft incorporate now snacker the allegation here is that Google been acting like a monopoly and that's harmed you it's hard. It's harmed your mom it's not fair. Tides have turned though nick against Google do you remember the movie the internship who was adorable so charming great laugh out loud moments but took a while to get into Google's were young Superman and Superman China change the world for the good now Vince Vaughan. Thank boss's boss is getting charged with the top corporate crime, the key distinction of this lawsuit against Google. Being monopoly is legal true and we shouldn't punish companies for their success case in point look it google its products have a fantastic user experience. You're probably on them right now they're free they have tons of complimentary services that works seamlessly together like a Beautiful Philharmonic Orchestra you've got your crawl price you got your phone browser you guy your android thinking in a way that only jacks poetry and that last line could describe your google patents cheese steak. On a computer and the directions pop up on your iphone, it's incredible and the reviews confirmed that it's better than Gino's cheese steaks. Now, snack irs what is illegal is engaging an anticompetitive N. exclusionary practice. That's exactly what the government has accused Google of do. Yeah. We're looking at the numbers here are Chaco Google owns give or take about eighty percent of all Internet search I don't work in the Justice Department now that feels like a monopoly like. To do too much rounding on our one, eighty percent domination of online search isn't illegal in of itself. No. But acting like a monopoly that is what is illegal and here's where Google has crossed the line according to the government they're using their massive size to buy up the competition and to preserve their dominance. I mean look the competition or Google's main search competition. Honestly. Is it's youtube which Google conveniently acquired back in two thousand six moving on exhibit be here. The biggest online ads competition for Google is probably bill maybe doubleclick all areas because Google acquired them in two thousand seven that's in the past but snacks let's look to the future what's going on there? Jack they're still using their massive size to become the default Internet search browser. Everywhere. A device is living google is paying apple billions of dollars to become the default search on iphones and Google already owns all those android to with that kind of dominance no search or online ad competitor startup has a chance of cracking through customer. This is like the Hawks and D. One. So Jack, what's the takeaway for buddies over at Google? Big Tech monopolies are unlike other monopolies because they actually save US money snatchers by Jack this fasting the key thing the government needs to. Prove is that the Google monopoly actually harms you and me now when big chicken cartel collude on price, the harm nick is very clear to you and me we've seen this play out in real life big chicken companies raised prices chicken mcnuggets start costing more Google is free to you and me. So the harm that Google has on consumers is much less obvious. That's why the government's going to have to strategically argue that we suffer from a lack of innovation in online search because of. Google and they're going to argue that businesses suffer from the high price of online ads and let's be honest. Businesses probably can't get discovered by customers without Google's online. After making that case, then the government is going to want some structural changes to come about splitting off youtube or the chrome browser that Google owns into separate company, and then of course, the x factor here is that the election result in a whole new attorney general because politics is driving this thing anyway, this case is. Probably. Going to be in the courts for years epic, but the seal has been broke big tax. Now playing defense against DC four, our second story PNG proctor and gamble just reported their biggest global sales increase in you know fifteen years, their earnings report is a mirror into the shelf behind the mirror in your bats Agassi I jumped into this snacks down the first thing we noticed this thought this was this was too good not to include unlike the first page of their earnings deck. PG or first of themselves as quote unquote constructive disruption bit of Data Uber. Fast. But we're careful not to break in. But if we break anything, we've got products that can clean it up. Proxy clean it up. So we look for procter and gamble's earnings report because it's like stepping into the family home of America let us list off the all-star lineup here. You got tied Pampers Bounty always or ob. On all by PNG, these are all brands owned by procter and gamble and we call it the ASPIRATIONAL boomer, pantry? Jack. This should be like a fantasy league. We can like play with all these household items he got. He got he got well, these are all like thirty points per game. All Stars these are high end brand. Now, the big question that Jack and are asking what we jumped into this thing is so like what does the American home look like seven months into corona virus because P. and G. Basically tells us. In a word, it looks different. It does look a little different. Let's go Should we go section by Section Department by Department Jack Let's kick it off with the beauty department. We're sales proctor and gamble jumped by seven percent compared to last year full disclosure Jack? And I were Kinda shocked because you're not going out you're not putting on as much blush think you'd think but we also have extra hours at home because we're not commuting and we're not doing anything socially with friends. He can do that deep pore cleansing treatment that's. Been in the back of your pants also full disclosure and I have very depor zero k saying there's deep, but they're not wind second department grooming Oral Care Yeah interesting situation here because it was actually flat for the grooming and Oral Care Division One part of it was really up one part of it was really down see-saw turns out America is brushing their teeth bar. They are rock electric toothbrush sales apparently up fifteen percent also full disclosure jack and I brush before, and after the podcast turns out though grooming of your face. And shaving of your face is.

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