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Are very resilient country. We saw a lot of community cultures on as a canine search specialist, speaking with NBC four. Loved ones on top of each rubble pile, each collapsed building, directing the rescue workers as to where exactly they lived in that building. Luke Luger WTO P news. The war in Afghanistan was the longest war in American history lasting from 2001 to 2021. Signature theater explores the consequences in the thrilling play selling Kabul. I don't know that I've ever read a play that reads so much like a suspense thriller. You're on the edge of your seat the whole time. Alice does the reef plays the sister of an Afghan translator hiding from the Taliban in Kabul Afghanistan waiting for a Visa to come to America in 2013. It's certain 2013, but it's incredibly apropos. This could be set now. There's still so many people who are eligible for the SIV Visa, but there's like an 18,000 person backlog. The role is special for his reef in Afghan native born in Kabul. I was so excited to see that this place being done and the DMV area because this is actually the second highest Afghan Diaspora in the country. Jason finally, WWE news. Two 13. You know, when selling your home, there really is no need for a plan B when you're playing a is Jennifer young. This is Dave Johnson, when I sold my home, my most valuable asset, my plan a was Jennifer young and Jennifer young Holmes, and the result my home sold in days of bubbles price. Now, Carolyn Bowie Maryland, her plan a, two other agents who couldn't get the job done. So Carol, for plan B, what did Jennifer and her team desperate for help? And it should have been her plan a because Carol found out what a difference world class marketing makes. And in just 5 days, listen to this, there were 12 showings and three offers getting the home sold quickly and for top dollar. Yeah, Carol was washing that her plan a was Jennifer because Jennifer and her team will be with you every step of the way. That is important and they will make you feel like the most important client and make sure you ask about this is so cool. Jennifer's renovate now pay later program. Start by connecting you with Jennifer at 8 7 7 6 one one cell or online at Jennifer young Holmes dot com. 703-815-5700. Coming up in 60 seconds on double TOP, the national spring training starting to shape up and a huge women's college basketball game tonight at the university of Maryland. It's two

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