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Teams definitely liked to do that. I've seen the eagles in terms of the super bowl dislike the the run that gave sony players after the fact bringing jason peters back every year. We're bringing you know like they just relied on too many and how roseman admitted it. He admitted like he's been too sentimental. And i think you know the the cowboys some great success just because they beat the jaguars but like okay. They're like okay. Things are turning. We don't make need to make a desperate trade. We were gonna be just fine but we can keep everything. It is do anything everything is working. Let's keep it status quo. I feel like that's the course. They would've gone at that point while so then after i mentioned they lost their first game with the mar which was a monday night. Game against tennessee but after that and they were things were bad because they were three and five everybody wrote them off and i remember we do a show on the blog and the boys podcast network with tony casillas. Who won two super bowls at the cowboys in the nineties. And i remember at that time. Tony and i looked at the upcoming five games and we said they are not going to win a single one of these They're gonna they're gonna fall the three and ten and it's going to be really bad. They traded this pig. Amari bob blah whatever and they won all five of them which mentioned earlier. They swept the eagles amari in that timeframe. The first game which was at philly. That was the big leighton vander. Esch game also Only six catches seventy five yards the following week in atlanta which dallas won on a last second field goal. Mind you only three catches for thirty six yards but then on thanksgiving blew up eight catches a buck. Eighty two touchdowns Then the cowboys beat the saints on thursday night. That really kind of the world know that they were legit He he caught all eight receptions for seventy six carrots and then the second phillies game ten catches two hundred seventeen yards and three touchdowns and that five game winning streak because that that was kind of the beginning if we look back of the nfc east falling into this rut that it's currently in now that it was great but like it went from just being an average division to like a total dumpster fire. And so the cowboys just by one of those five games put themselves in a position where they had to win one more so in the nfc especially because they swept the eagles who were doing their own thing at the time as we mentioned and so they wound up in the nfc east and they beat the seahawks in the playoffs. Because carol doesn't know that russell's good at throwing the football so my overall point here to kind of get to something quickly is that i without amari. There's no way they rip off those five games in a row. And i think that they may i dunno. They ended up like three and thirteen. But i think that they are a disaster. And i think that you know i. It probably affects the way dak prescott viewed right now too. Yeah that's like. I just remember that trade and thinking in obviously hoping in rooting the downside of it because obviously it did work out but if it didn't kind of a big problem like you're giving up a first round pick for seaver who it's the to say that he kinda continued the oakland path and kind of dislike underwhelmed and like like. How high is that pick. I could be pretty high like what the cowboys again were. What was a record. Before the monitoring they're like three in five three and four so three and four which is a pivot point that we're talking about like maybe four and three if they win the washington game and so yeah like. I think that winning that game could have been the worst possible thing to happen to them. The the more interesting thing. Like besides the fact that i think they might have been terrible throughout the rest of the twenty thousand season while nick foles and frank reich or lighten things up for the eagles obviously is. I think that jason gear would have had been fired at the end of that. Co because it would have been too bad it would have been too rough and i don't think that they could have survived. Especially because at that point dak would have been entering his fourth season. And the idea would have been you have to get somebody in here to take him to the next level. We've found out obviously have mario of out do that So these were the head coaches who got hired in the twenty nine th cycle biaggi this january twenty nineteen Incidentally matt lafleur by the bay packers because they had moved on from mike mccarthy who didn't take a job that year although he did interview for the jets job that went to adam case Cliff kingsbury got hired by the isn't a cardinals because he was sean. Mcvay friend vic fangio by the denver broncos the cleveland browns promoted freddie kitchens two full time status The miami dolphins hired brian flores who may be traded for carson wentz wentz's we discussed in bruce arians came out of retirement to join the tampa bay buccaneers. But and i did put this in our notes Because i think every cowboys fan is saying this lincoln riley stock has dropped a little bit over the last year or so At at oklahoma as it pertains of the nfl but at the time it was red hot especially at the time he would have been coming off. Back to back heisman. Winning seasons for his quarterbacks and baker mayfield and murray. I legitimately think that if the cowboys win that game. In washington that lincoln riley is their head coach right now. Yeah i mean it seems like that's been who they want right if they could have him and getting him not too. Easy deals wanted him this off season. But i mean obviously why was lincoln riley relief oklahoma to come to the heels. Not the most attractive situation. And i just don't think money obviously would have been an issue at all for jerry jones and they would have given lincoln riley whatever took. I also wanna throw matt rules name in here. Because if i'm not mistaken. I think he also interviewed for the jets stab that offseason back. You're right here It's a point aso in news app. Healer So you know. He's also very much in the mix too and that i think could have been a really good higher..

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