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I want to get your thoughts and his do your pets go to heaven i remember the movie all dogs go to heaven i don't think they do but the bible looking here at david jeremiah's blog the bible does not clearly state whether we see our pets again in heaven but there are scriptures that suggest the presence of animals in heaven so i don't know i always thought that the the pets don't go to heaven heaven is only for human beings but either way do we really want to be taken our dogs do we really want to be taken our dogs to church and how do you feel about that one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five and the other question i've got to is the church is now you know there's so many people still go to church there are a lot of people who don't go to church the churches are trying to find ways to get people to come back to church what would get you to go back to church if you don't go to church but on the words groucho marx this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard another great groucho saying basically i can't find it now here it is here it is here it is outside of a dog a book is man's best friend inside of a dog is too hard to read that's a good groucho marx line if you don't know groucho marx's google you'll be very entertained but i can't understand why on earth anyone we want to bring their pet the church and how do you feel about it would you do that is church really the place to bring pets i mean you ever have you ever see what happens like when dogs see each other on the street now that times the amount of dogs in the room not to mention the leg lifting going on at the side of the pews speaking of pews you ever heard the expression goes over about as well as church where do you experience a dog in church there's not enough incense to cover that up with church should be where you focus on god about the wellbeing of your pet if if you feel the need to bring your pet the church i question your wellbeing one eight.

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