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Deliver services and we can't continue to give away services You know for free or or losing money on them. And so that was one one of the big steps We also had to get rid of toxic employees or contractors in our case the massage therapist are self employed contractors But a little warning about therapists by the way the only difference between the rapist and a therapist is a space. I just think about it. Okay back to you. That reminds me Sean Connery on Saturday. Night live right now. Okay so other changes you've made this year. What other changes you made you fix up nonexistent on On our SEO literally was was is non-existent you may have found if you put my name in exactly exactly spelled correctly. You might found me on like twenty pages back got it. But now you've got all the content tags Hugo reviews all started from scratch and we now have like two two hundred fifty seven reviews and we're climbing The Google search engine each day. I I was doing a Search for you Was Was it yesterday and I I I think you were over to fifty. And he pulled up real quick to fifty seven. You're right two hundred and fifty seven Google reviews and so are you. Are you having people are finding you online now. Yes and that's a that's a nice new thing you know people come in and like hey I saw you reviews. Are you having up ten percent more than last year. Twenty percent. What are you up? We're up uh-huh so it fluctuates a little bit. But but I mean literally from like a year and a half ago to now. Yeah we're up double double now. Have you have you you fixed years. Have you changed or improved your sales scripting or your sales processes me half. Yeah we very Intensely win over a lot of scripting scripting and things But then also we do We do have a no brainer offer. And so the conversion aspect of that to go from. Hey this is all free eighty two I do expect you pay me at some point Getting a better conversion script for me to work from has also been very helpful and then you from HR Dr Perspective and hiring people. I'm not going to put words your mouth. But most people most clients. We worked with most doctors who worked with before business owners before they come into our program. Have a hard hard time finding good people And then after they're in the program that's usually not a problem anymore right Is that the case with you or you GonNa Finding people or have you changed your recruitment process Just before starting working with Tim We had to we had some change up in some you know. Some people left on their own accord and got got it. We're about to have that conversation anyway. So it worked out. Nice timing but Yeah so we brought on some great people in the last year and And now we're we're operating from a totally different way of thinking about that with not being held captive and a hostage in my own office and how how do you feel. Now I mean do you'd do you and your wife does it. Does it feel better to feel. Had more pride about the business now that you're more profitable difference in her arms to really. Yeah Yeah I mean I've I've been a doctor for the last fifteen years but You know to be successful doctors kind of a little better. The actual tangible action steps tips like give me a task to do today that I can. I can put my hands to work y'All and doing that but I mean I I had to borrow money from family members. James Thank you that Big Shot to your dad. I O U But yeah I mean it was tough on my wife. She's a schoolteacher. And we were were. We were living paycheck to paycheck. Every month Trying to Rob Peter to pay Paul got it and not fun not fun at all and you're a doctor you're practiser yes embarrassed your your business does not have to be embarrassing and you don't have to feel stuck but you do have to take action if you WANNA get unstuck Thomas. Edison has said and I it quoted so many times on the show vision without execution is hallucination. So if you feel stuck you feel overwhelmed. You don't know what to do. Just reach out to us today. Just reach out to us today. To thrive time show DOT COM and schedule a thirteen point. One on one assessment with yours truly and we can see if if we can help you Again Months Clark. I'm a business coach. Big Shut up Dr Brick and it's always like the in each and every show with the boom freak to what uh-huh..

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