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Okay. Him. 7 90 pc Okay. ABC news at 5 30. I'm sharing reared and good evening L A county supervisor Katherine Barker is calling on the governor to immediately relax a statewide covered mask wearing mandate to align with the new federal guidance. The CDC now says fully vaccinated. People can stop wearing masks in most circumstances, but state and county regulations still require them. Maxine Waters is among lawmakers accused of abusing the privilege of air marshals on flights. A complaint filed with the House Committee on Ethics addressed Waters flight from D. C to Minneapolis and April to attend the trial of former police officer Derrick Show. Vin Waters was already accompanied by two armed Capitol police and two U. S Secret service agents when she allegedly requested to air marshals in two more marshals on touchdown to escort her in the airport. The complaint says air marshals for her trip were removed from already aside. In high risk missions so they could accommodate her request on top of her already armed security detail from the Capitol police, the markets all closed in the green. Our lives are filled with choices. What's not a choice addiction opioids. But even with opioid use disorder, you still have a choice. Choose treatment and choose change. California Fine, Medically proven treatment options they choose. Change CIA dot or new, sponsored by Choose Change, CIA dot or G'kar. Okay, ABC. Soquel weather Partially Sunny. For now. Clouds are rolling in currently mid sixties at the beaches mid to upper seventies for the Inland Valley areas with temps dipping into the mid fifties for the evening. Currently it's 71 degrees in Laguna Hills, 65 in Beverly Hills, and it's 77 degrees in Granada Hills. K a BFI dot com has new stories written with you in mind, plus great exclusive podcasts and a link to listen. Live online. Check it out at K abc dot com. Traffic.

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