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Laura goldblatt the organizer nub a researcher agrees with him she brings up a lot of the same issues the directed advocates have been pushing the city to improve affordable housing and to address concerns over police stops last year local paper found that nearly eighty percent of people pulled over by sharlto police were black only twenty percent of the town's population is black the city is also still dealing with the fall of its decision in the fifties to close white schools for months rather than integrate them the next decade it tore down black homes and businesses here's goldblatt it in some ways feels almost and so obvious that you should resist something like what we saw on saturday but now we need to move into some of the nuts and bolts and the things that make us say this was so ugly but we actually have a lot of really ugly policies here goldblatt said those policies or what she hopes charlottesville residents unite behind next that was our team adrian florido after the break we've got some history for you and we talked to a reporter who lives in charlottesville uncovers the trump administration he tells us about its ties to white nationalist sans we talked to a republican strategist who says trump's response to the incident in charlottesville could deal a major blow to his party's efforts to become more inclusive stay with us support for this podcast on the following message come from blue apron blue apron partners with sustainable farms fisheries in ranchers to bring you all the ingredients you need to create incredible home cooked meals ingredients compared with an easy to follow recipe card delivered to your door weekly in a refrigerated box rediscover how fun cooking can be while enjoying specialty ingredients and exploring new flavours and cuisine.

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