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Um more charges of sexual harassment of that leveled against New York's governor Andrew Cuomo. The New York Times now reporting another woman claims Cuomo made unwanted advances toward her at a 2019 wedding reception, putting his hand on her lower back than her face and asking to kiss her. She says she was confused, shocked. And embarrass Fox's Therese Gallagher. She is the third woman to accuse the governor of inappropriate behavior. The New York state attorney general will investigate woman has apologized for what he called being playful. Senate majority Leader Schumer says the Senate will vote on the president's coronavirus relief package this week. The American people sent us here with a job to do. Help the country through this moment of extraordinary challenge to end through action, the greatest health crisis our country has faced in a century. And that's just what we're going to do. The Senate version not expected to include a hike in the minimum wage or new taxes on companies that don't increase wages on their own. The country has a new top educator to sit it confirm Miguel Cardona as education secretary with a bipartisan 64 to 33 vote. Cardona was Connecticut Stop education official. He will now oversee the Federal Department responsible for providing guidance on reopening schools closed during the pandemic. President Biden has set a goal to have a majority of elementary and middle schools open a majority of the time and the 1st 100 days of the administration. Cardona is also expected to roll back policies regarding transgender students and sexual misconduct. Investigations put in place during the Trump administration on Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern, Fox News Wall Street Up Sharply on Monday, the Dow game 603 points, NASDAQ 396, the S and P 590 points higher, but overnight Dow futures are trading lower. On Jack Callahan. This is Fox News radio male DJ on John Julian Topic. Austin's news. Almost 38,000 vaccine will arrive this week in Travis County, with 12,000 going to Austin Public Health, Dr Jason Pickett says. The New Johnson and Johnson vaccine rolling out there is hope that the weekly allocation will get much bigger. These other vaccine providers that just pharmacies and clinics that will come online in the coming months. I think that will magnify those efforts to get our community vaccinated. A portion of Austin's I 35 could be renamed after Austin's mayor Steve Adler, under a North Texas state Reps legislative proposal. Representative Brian Slaten is pushing for the stretch of I 35 between 4th and 11 Street to be renamed the Steve at the Public Restroom and Austin. Homes damaged from the winter storm can get upto $10,000 from the city to help with repairs..

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