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Because that's kind of the concept and a new song that I want you to listen to now if you have spotify. You can go to the currently on radar that's the currently on radar playlist currently on radar playlist it's part of the currently on I mean currently on podcast while the currently on radar playlist is what's on our radar musical radar and this this person, the artist of this song reached out to me and. I was like, yeah I. Mean. I'll definitely take a listen and I'll definitely share it. I mean this is an artist that I don't know how I don't I don't perceive them to be you super well known. So if I can do anything any little thing that you know bring some people their direction to at least listen to the song i. I. I'm going to do that and I just think the the subject matter of the song very much relates to the pitcher I. Just described it. Really. It's at what it's about and we're going to to. You're going to hear that as I read the lyrics and we talk about them. So this artist reached out and so I want to introduce you to this artist I want you I. mean they're not here you I'm going to do the introduction I'm going to do the talking and I'm going to read a little bit about this song what they had to say and I, hope you'll go to the currently on rate are playlist a subscribe to it on spotify and this song will be available to you. Right. So here's the name of The artist, the name of the Song I'm GonNa Right I'm gonNA reach you what they had to say about the song and then we're GonNa work through the lyrics I think the lyrics are beautiful and I think it captures what I was trying to describe they captured. I think far better than I did here is the name of the artist is Dan Ashley Dan, Ashley A. S. H. L. E. Y. Dan Ashley, and the Song Believe was released in twenty twenty. Another video showed up on Youtube in February So I. Don't know exactly when the song was released I believe it was twenty twenty but I'm going to say the I. It's not the I. think he has a different track out right now but I this is the track that I that I really really. Really want you to hear. It's called Lucky Stars. Lucky stars by Dan Ashley. Here's what he had to say in regards to the track again, the song lucky stars Dan Ashley currently available on spotify available on the currently on radar playlist and you should definitely go check it out but here's what he had to say. You never know when or where a song will appear. This came to me at two fifteen in the morning when I woke up suddenly with a verse and of course, in my head because I was dreaming and Light Sleep about my good fortune to have an amazing woman Angela end my life. Please note to fifteen. So I think there's just something about that time of night and morning..

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