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Was the number on a fifty four of the sanctuary state legislation the doesn't mention sanctuary state i'm sure if she goes the his website she will find information there because he mentioned it on the program the twotimes he's been on with us john your next i think really you know getting on know you shoulder on you know for the most part i was also topics but today right now it's going to have to um and have to uh uh tune into you a little bit here you you put the whole the whole so he's boost these are gonna come here to claim should um okay the program for is a brother a legal at the end of your how did you know why personal where you just say a column of police say what was the biggest that was legal and people yeah he was deal with them huge amend put you can't make that comparison if he were if he were anglo because if he were a citizen none of the sanctuary cities tough would come into play we wouldn't be having the the the conversation it would be a and apples and oranges situation but go on with your point maybe i can try to understand one case happen what if you just saying what if we did he just wants to see us when you can call huawei really i klein with with legal i i totally you're right up in the people i've only just with us micropone gray people in obvious case your people they really because they're hope days i'm bill sanctuary cities and in legal or illegal worse unfortunately it wasn't a legal but how do we know why person like a case on people thought it would well you you save has happened in washington dc the dc because it's not a sanctuary city it is a sanctuary city so i don't understand your point there either by erika weber got to revert of the poll yeah here rate those are really a fine he'll i think so hooper's no eight um however they can divert case although you rick legal a big deal it is a big deal overall but in the legal we what's the problem but i'm what it was jerry is that what they're gonna do for.

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