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One is not really dependent on the success of. Is it going to be an site. So theoretically could be a ten time champion by the time. His next contract is up and it's about everything he can do off. Track is about all his work with sort of hamilton commission and we race as one and all of f one's plans around that to improve diversity and inclusion within our sport and make it more represents to the world as a whole and i think that's why lewis is focused really is right now but he did say that the fight with stopping in this year has really sort of invigorated him even more. He's loved it. He's enjoyed it so much. And he said the replica putting away now but that early part of the season where they were neck and neck he said he absolutely loved that fight. And i think that has made a bit of a spring bacne step and yeah. He's going to be really curious. Gaze hands on two thousand eighteen mercedes and just see what they can do in terms of. Who is team is. Yeah it is so tough. Because i think the other issue is that i think you want stability moving forward and i think the idea of changing the lineup. Only a year into the regulations might seem a little bit sort of too too much knee-jerk reactions things if things don't quite work out if say what asses gets on for another year and he doesn't quite that things right with the car but similarly george russell main spends another year williams and then all of a sudden he's he's routes it up and williams. Mike brady good next year. We've seen the progression. They've been making. And i think the the thing mercedes really missing at the moment is like a halfway house. They don't have what would have been a force india in the past where they were able to. You saw a two thousand sixteen off on ver- lime at manner and it was basically case right. Who has better will get force in. India drive and akamas batches. They moved them on up. And yeah there's not. There's not that opportunity anymore mercedes and georgia said look. I want a multi. Do whatever i do next year. So i don't know do mercedes. Do they think less. Keep joy for another couple of years. Williams hope that williams come good. Cape lewis advisory together. And i mean louis. He said he said yesterday. I don't wanna be racing. Unfortunately he'll be a month away from telling thirty nine by the time this contract is signed expires. So we're getting close to the end. But who knows if it invigorates in he might wanna rating so. It's really difficult. And i think that it's very hard to sort of. Just keep george. Just ticking along and yeah williams next year. They might make a huge step for they might be that sorta midfield halfway house team. That mercedes come work with and it'd be a really good sort of training ground and proving ground for george but also you see forms like this weekend i mean. How often can you sort of keep saying well. Okay soon scene and so that drivers like well. You know what i need to. I need spread my wings. Anita opportunity because yeah. I don't think there would be any shortage of teams. That would be thinking. Let's try and snap him up. In in case mercedes were to let him go by. Don't think they will. I think that. Yeah i think on pure performance. I think you've just got to i think. Yeah it's got to be george for next year right now and i really. I'm ready tolan saying that. Because i'm a big fan fan boy found. I really appreciate what you bought us. Does i think he's an excellent drive. I think he's been a brilliant teammate. Four louis hamilton and has played a huge role in all the sadie success and he said on on saturday said if it were to be he didn't see mercedes for next year he would want stand f. one even if the options look very limited. I hope that yeah. I hope he is on the grid next year. Regardless of what happens but the way forming are really just think. Yeah i think mercedes unless they are that sort of worried about breaking this team unit and keeping things they won't keep things to save as the combat though some vowed serie. I can't see any reason right now to not per george in that car twenty twenty new regulations. Actually i think that's a really good time to make change and say this cycle is over is the star of a new one unless bring in some fresh blood. What a particular mercedes find themselves in. I know that everyone is equally waiting for the news of who they will pick. And i'm looking forward to the podcast record. When they do announced that decision we are now over time so unfortunately not going to make our way through the rest of the grid licks prepared rundown though should we just do a quick down. Yeah i know what nicklaus tv does week. He's making deals week when we got to latifi and it was like. Oh no this is just made my evening luke. Please take it away. We've done one through eight. So gosling ninth good track position but again he was on that to stop strategy so that really did cost him in the end. 'cause back a made up a lot of time in in that final stint on a fresh set of hard wasn't quite enough. Cash leclerc and ricardo. So he finished seven tenths of a second off fernando alonzo intent. We covered off. See one that great battle with george russell. Appoint for our pain very good. All things considered george heartbreak. We've talked about yukie. Nobu sonoda bit of a weird racy at two five second time penalties. For cutting the white line at entry same thing twice. He would have thought it would learn from that he struggled with tom. Throughout a wasn't able quite make things up again. He was on the to stop like ouseley as well. So so in is in a bit of a pickle. Same philosophy i think eight made of really really good star. He was up there in the points early on again. He was on to stop any traffic when he pitted for that. 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