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Nothing says love like sour deliciousness. And finally, the sixty first annual Grammy awards are less than a month away. There is a big list of nominees for best country album, including brothers Osborne for Stapleton, Kelsey Ballerini. Ashley McBride in Casey, mice graves, you can go cast your vote right now at eight dot com. Skirts dealing with Pittsburgh's country. Why one zero eight? Thank Twenty-three, Katie radio a little bit of an embarrassment for a popular morning show. And it involves the supreme court Justice here. CBS Matt piper on Mondays FOX and friends morning show on Fox News channel, a graphic popped up on the screen with supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg photo and the dates nineteen thirty three to twenty nineteen seeming to show that they were airing her job bit, but she is alive and the hosts were forced to apologise shortly thereafter, a technical error in the control room triggered a graphic of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with date on it. We don't want to make it seem anything other than that was mistake. That was an accident. We believe she is still at home recovering from surgery. State control mistake. Yes. Matt piper. CBS news loops your member. When Bush forty one was president. And they almost announced remember is talking to the network about to ABC almost announced that he was dead. Oh, that's right. They didn't for channel in forty six years ago today four years in two days after leaving office. Former president Lyndon Johnson did die at the age of sixty four here is Walter Cronkite. Thirty six president of the United States died this afternoon, and I am violence plane on the way to San Antonio where he was taken after being stricken at his ranch. The LBJ ranch in Johnson city, Texas, and suddenly sixty four doesn't sound that old as it did then. No, absolutely. Nine twenty five Katie k radio traffic, powered by bowser Chevrolet, celebrating their grand opening and beaver falls. Here's triple Kathy Berggren. How was waiting? For Larry to say, sixty forty. Yeah. Well that we're all kind of. Yeah. We are looking at given a traffic.

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