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Berlin. Wisconsin is also a winner. The shop is getting one hundred thousand dollars for selling the winning ticket in the third largest lottery jackpot in history. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. Amy climate Charen veiled her plan Thursday to repair the nation's crumbling, roads, bridges and waterways. Proposal includes six hundred fifty billion dollars in direct federal funding. Francis. Hey, cybercriminals, stole the w two forms from my friend's company. Yes. Scammers impersonate CEO's in Email and also launch attacks from compromised accounts. What if they target us? Don't worry. We have barracuda. Total Email protection. So we're secured. Yes. Barracuda. Protect businesses of all sizes with artificial intelligence that blocks spearfishing account takeover attempts and business, Email compromise. That's a relief. Protect your business at barracuda dot com. Barracuda your journey secured. If you are behind on your bills, then this message is for you. How would you like to have a large portion of your credit card debt or medical bills forgiven? National credit card relief would like to give you free information on a proven debt-forgiveness program. It's not bankruptcy. It's not consolidation. This special program actually wipes clean the portion of your debt that is forgiven. Call for your free forgiveness information now eight hundred two nine one six six seven, oh that's eight hundred two nine one six six seven zero. Don't wait. Call eight. Hundred two nine one six six seven zero not available in North Dakota. The department of housing and urban development is charging Facebook with violating the fair housing act with advertising, Jan Johnson explains. Spoke says it's surprised because it's been working with, HUD and had already taken corrective steps, but the government says Facebook does discriminate against people based on who they are. And where they live a formal complaint was actually filed last year claiming Facebook ads discriminate because advertisers can dictate who sees their ads based on race religion, gender, disability and other characteristics. Hud secretary Ben Carson says using computer to limit a person's housing choices can be Justice discriminatory is slamming a door in someone's face. Jan johnson. Washington racing resumes today at Santa Anita racetrack, California horse racing board adopted a proposal banning whips they're on this comes in the wake of twenty two horse.

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