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A 77 in Long Beach. And in Anaheim. It's 82 It's 3 37 There's a renewed call today for a federal mandate requiring masks on planes. Sure, most airlines say you have to wear a mask and there could be punishment if you don't. But a spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, Dennis Taylor, says travelers don't always wear the face coverings like they should. And its problem. You see it drop down over the nose, so you might see it used. Is it more of a chin guard tells CNBC that right now there's what he calls a hodgepodge of rules, and he says it's infuriating. Because it doesn't have the federal mandate behind it. It makes it very difficult for us that force compliance. He challenges the heads of the FAA and the Transportation Department to fly with him to grab a middle seat so they can really see what's happening in the air. Fisher says strongly worded guidelines are no longer enough. Vicky more can extend 70 news radio the Senate's being pushed by House Democrats to pass the hero's acts to help those who are struggling during this pandemic. We need additional economic stimulus. We don't want to live to another great recession or heaven forbid a depression. That's why this economic stimulus factions packages so important. Orange County Democratic Congressman Lou Correa says people in his district having a tough time, especially with Disneyland still closed for a lot of people work. The bill passed the house in May. It's been sitting in the Senate, it would extend the extra $600 per week and unemployment checks, which is set to expire at the end of this month bill but also provide more help for small businesses. Republicans say the bill is unrealistic. Probably won't make it out of the Senate. Anyway. California could soon have a state run public bank..

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