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State DOT told businesses last week that contractors demolishing the viaduct or a couple of weeks behind schedule. I've urged president Bob Donnegan says before the project that the OT promised the waterfront association work would be done between pike street and Yesler way in time for summer what we heard last week was the demolition will be done. There may still be in big piles of concrete and rebar down here. And again, that's remaking on what the promise was which is that the waterfront will be accessible to be used as of June one St. DOT now says the waterfront will be clear by early June. Donna does me they'll make that time line. Either bellevue. Police have arrested a rideshare driver. And charge him with sexually assaulting a woman and fear. More victims may be out there. Komo's Kelly Bleier reports. Police arrested thirty four year old Gazon Shaquir for groping and Arizona woman who was visiting Bellevue back in January. She tells detectives she fell asleep after she was picked up and woke up to him putting handcuffs on her. Carl Kline neck is the assistant chief Bellevue PD. Ultimately, what happened she got into what she believed was the rideshare that she ordered. When in fact, she had gotten into the vehicle belonging to a predator Bellevue. Detectors worked with King County. Prosecutors and discovered other similar cases in Kirkland and seatac in March and in Seattle in December that he may be linked to Kelly Bleier. Komo news attacked inside a restroom at a Ballard. Car dealership is not publicly sharing her story. Her name is Lindsay and she spoke with documentary filmmaker Christopher f Rufo on his Facebook page. Lindsey says she went inside the restroom last may and heard the door lock. Behind her man through her to the ground. Six foot.

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