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News. I'm Michael Preston. We're learning more about big crash just east of Clelland that shutdown westbound I ninety two Brian Moore tells us it involves five semi trucks and three passenger vehicles. You understand that there is significant back-up in the area, the Washington state patrol in Washington State Department of transportation is working to clear those backups. However, this will be an extremely lengthy delayed process bragging motorists to completely avoid I ninety and that clearly Marianne possibly delayed our travels until tomorrow, he says, a number of large tow trucks are being recruited from the nearby area to help at the crash, but just getting on scene. Could take awhile firefighters say at least one person is dead after two cars collided in Seattle's magnolia neighborhood yesterday, the crash happened along Thorndike avenue emergency teams say a forty year old man died in the crash police have not said what led up to the collision just days after a runner reported being groped by a stranger. Near green lake. Another woman is reached out to Seattle police. Komo's Jennifer Sullivan reports from green lake with more about this second attack. She talked to several women including Jenny and Michelle for these running buddies news of what happened near green lake on Friday has left them a little jumpy being on the lookout and just sort of keeping track of if you pass somebody where are they police say a second woman has reported being groped near green league more than a week ago. Nicole handcock says an attacker was tormenting women on her college campus, which is left her afraid to walk alone at night. I don't actually in.

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