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NBA, Michael Jordan, Lebron James discussed on First Things First


Here's the one thousand 72nd game lebron james played in the nba funding up that's the exact number of games and michael jordan played in his nba career see who's a better all time player lebron james or michael jordan and i feel like this is going to be a good one for the tv so i must say i'm i'm surprised this is the first time were bringing it up so let us chris in this argument with nothing but i assure love is eleven were doing it go ahead and two three flavr blues but the favorite player and left's thirty years will be kkob burn magic johnson being of a fourth because my brother was drafted by the lakers and getting annoymity young age michael jeffrey jordan is greatest basketball player did that i've seen in we can't i can go roll the numbers but i'm not going to match wits with nick on that the championships do matter now if you say what michael jordan took three years all yeah yeah i i can understand that you want to put that argument he didn't do it consecutively he did have a break in there but what he did in hispanic time we didn't see bill russell the russel's the greatest champion that we've seen but as far as who's the best basketball player that same that will be michael jordan now lebrun is he second lebron is a very very close second but you can't deny the six championships the six mvp's you can't deny those things those things are unprecedented and that to me will give michael jordan edge over globe ron james i just want to clarify for their arms real quick jordan six finals mvps five daggers season mvp's not art who is the greatest basketball player ever that question you can almost turn it into its tala g who is better basketball than anyone ever feared for that question is lebron james and i'll go over why in a moment that is a separate question to who is the most accomplished player ever the most accomplished champion averaged bill russell the most accomplished individual.

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NBA, Michael Jordan, Lebron James discussed on First Things First

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