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And he got sent from the Giants to the Mets. And so How is he doing? It's actually probably a good thing for Mark. Like Mark was a very, very nice guy, but also a New Yorker and you know the lens through which many East Coast sports fans Watch things. And so I gather. Mark was here for a long time, and he knew he asked very good questions. He was a very good writer. But I got to think, a New Yorker in the Bay Area for three years. Is probably just chomping at the bit to scream at somebody. And and and paint some player into the corner of his locker for the way they're playing baseball. So now he gets to do that. Now he gets to do that, because the Mets My gosh, They're awful. What happened to this team? Their first place? I know they're missing their two best pitchers. That's a big part of it. But my God, they do not play good baseball and you want to know who the poster player is for this Javi Baez and I need to apologize. At the beginning of this baseball season. I I pointed to hobby as a guy. I really hope that the Giants would go out and sign. After this season was over, as it's turned out. Not only is that disrespectful to Brandon Crawford But it's just plainly a terrible idea. He does not do the things that this staff values. Listen to this start from Kyle Glaser, Baseball America. He just sent it out less than an hour ago. Hobby bias has played in 162 games since the start of the 2020 season entering tonight. So the pandemic season. And this season now adds up to 162 games one full season. Do you want to know what his numbers are in those 1 62? Listen to this. Batting average. 2 27. On base. 2 70. Slugging 4 31. So quick math tells you that his O p s is only 700. And then here's the kicker. Here's why Hobby buyers will never even be allowed to speak to Farhan Zaidi. 222 strikeouts. And 25 walks. Oh, you're not allowed.

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