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It's fun. It is not fun. As a matter of fact. Would be fury. It'd be great for my team to be so dreadful and a diamond in the rough like Joe. Borough. Sitting there you've got to trade for that. You don't have the opportunity to get him because of you've you've earned it. That's the way the NFL has been done at doing it for seventy years. But no, let's put it all in a ping pong ball or some sort of you know hopper and let some team that just went six and ten after being fourteen in two for nineteen straight years because of an injury or something happened let that team get the the diamond the rough. No shot. No. Thank you. All right. He's a pro football famer is one of my favorites I've known him damn near. Twenty years. Now. And his new bus stops here. Foundation is the launching the second session of check in a virtual youth program designed for Middle School. Age Students, who as we all know? There's a lot of remote learning going on in this country right now because of the pandemic, our Buddy Jerome betta stops by on the rich Eisen show how you doing JV. Doing better for talking to you. How's your family everybody everybody's doing? Well, we say and and. Just keeping a heads underground. Okay. You just catching up on your rich Eisen shows during the pandemic. Oh my gosh. Could you imagine plane in this? Will be very scary I'm asthmatic. So this would be a very difficult decision for me to have to decide. Brian or not. So it would. This would be scary one but the football side of me I. THINK WE WANNA. Win Out because you WANNA play and that's what you love to do. But your health is is, is paramount's course scary? Well, it's not just that too. It's. It's what you might be bringing back into the house to your kids your. Spouse to anybody in your family that's of a certain age and and the I do not begrudge a single opt out not a single one out. No. Now because we don't know scenario situation, everyone's unique and their situation is unique and we can't assume while you just don't WanNa play Y'all WanNa play but it's not necessarily worth the risk you've got away at all now and and obviously for for for college we don't know kids and how it might affect. Anybody of despite being eighteen or twenty one or twenty two, and it just I just don't know how colleges doing it. I know your Alma maters gone online for the first two weeks. They made that announcement it does appear that Notre Dame football might still go. That's the scary part about big. You know the big big business and football and college football. You know you saw the the big Tandy's solve the PAC twelve did and then it created a pretty much a riff now. These schools that are are predominantly in the southern states saying, Hey, we want to continue on and and now you know it creates a a really uneven playing field because now you've got highschool recruits looking at this decision saying, maybe I need to rethink that look at a school here So possibly could play next year if this happens again. So this is a big problem that they've got to try to fix not not only dimension that the health Scenario for these kids that they're gonNA be out on the field is still very dangerous. Jerome Bettis pro football hall. Of famer here on the rich is John we've had a chance to talk since cower got in. I mean, what is your? What is your bus going to say to his with? My bus would it would say coachee you should. Just, a little bit more. A little bit more man. I mean why? Why do you think he's hall of Fame Worthy? You know. He. He got in along with Jimmy Johnson and we we you know we spoke to. Tom Flores yesterday and I think he's been waiting a long time I'm wondering if you could pound the table for anybody that might think that other coaches are worthier than Bill Cower enshrinement. Well, here's here's what you have to look and and I think a lot of times. You know people look at Hey, he's got one bill. He's got to super bowls and I, get it I understand that in Tom flurries I think he should have been in a long time ago. But when I look at a Bill Kollar, you look at the consistency of what his career was. He you know him coming in. Only, having been head coach for one team and the career that he put together. The consistency, the play offs I mean I don't I don't remember that may I think maybe had one losing season maybe to. His whole tenure and that is that's rare to say that. So He's been he was the motto of Consistency. You knew the Pittsburgh steelers when you played them, what you're going to get is be physical hard nose and you know we wind the majority of the Games that we played. So I if you look at his track record at, you know compared to other people it's GonNa it's GonNa line right up. With all those things yes, he wasn't able to win a championship, the Super Bowl that he that the the first one he went to and he lost in a couple of AFC championship games. But the key is you put yourself in that position time after time and so that just shows you how consisted he was as coach. I think maybe five or six AFC championship games and so to be that consisted for that period of time with totally different rosters you've gotta you gotta tip your hat to your own here on the rich Eisen, show What are we going to get out of big bend this year? Do you think? That's a great question, and hopefully hopefully we get you know seventy, five, eighty percent of what the player that that he has been because you always know that you know he's in the back of his hand. He's GonNa have a little a little nervousness about letting it go for one hundred percent right because whenever you have type of injury, that's always in the back of your head but. You know he has the ability. If he's eighty percent of of himself, this is going to be out of sight t because you already have a championship caliber defense that they prove that last year because the defense was only thing that kept the team eight nate just incredibly. But. Now you add. The receivers that that are in place that have have come out and play well, last you. Then you bring the running game with the still size offensive line lube older but still really good office of line I think you've got a playoff caliber team if ben seventy, five percent of himself. If you get back to close two hundred percent of themselves, I think you've got a championship caliber football team. So I think right now the onus is is how well is been going to be for the entire season? That Adele determine how good this team can really be.

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